Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 127: A Tract A Day...

The latest shipment of tracts came in a few days ago. This time I chose the "Round Tuit" tracts from Living Waters, because they are different and they are memorable. The idea is the most people say they will "get around to it" so, this is a "round tuit" so they "got around to it", so now they can think about their eternity. Whew, did I confuse you?

Isn't it a shame that people have to be reminded of their mortality? It seems like people would really want to know what happens to them before they pass from this world. Sadly most people just ignore the fact that every day they are one step closer to death, part of the ultimate statistic that 1 in 1 will die.

Christians need to be reminding lost friends and family of this rather major part of life, known as death. The Living Waters/ Way of the Master tracts and other resources are a fine way to "break the ice" and start a conversation about spiritual things. We need to be diligent about sowing the seeds of God's Word in their heart for God to water and bring forth fruit out of. Understand this though, it is not our job to bring the fruit, just to sow the seed, we can not save anyone, but we can tell them the truth and keep them in prayer to the One that can save them.

So why are we so passive? Why do we not have an urgency about us to tell people of their impending doom? I think it is probably rooted in disbelief. If we, Christians, actually believed in hell would we not be telling everyone we meet about their path to this terrible place and the Way they can be saved from it and their sinful, God denying ways? I would give a resounding YES to that. I am preaching to myself here too, so don't think I'm innocent and just harping on you that are reading this. I need to be on my knees begging God for realization of hell and of the realization that most of the people I know are on their way there. Do we not have the responsibility to tell these people?

Perhaps if we did do as we should the world would not be in the state it is in now. You have heard that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, right? Have you ever thought it may be even a little bit the fault of evangelical Christianity? Real, bible believing Christian, sitting idly by while the world gains more and more momentum toward evil and Satan. Some would say that it is a sign that Christ's eminent return is near. With that I agree and we should all be looking forward to that day. But with that day comes death and destruction to many souls, to ones that we know and love.

So I challenge you (and me) this - tell everyone you know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do not pick and choose who to talk to. Pick one person each day, brag on what God has done for you and to you and then share the Gospel with them. Do not try to be the Holy Spirit in convicting them, just tell them out of love and a desire to see them saved and God glorified.

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