Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 126: Wasted Space

Seems like a couple of years ago the fad with restaurants was to install a 2nd drive-through window. The idea was to take payment and dispense drinks to help speed he process up a bit. Some adventurous establishments (including one I worked for) installed a second lane of traffic for drive through cars and had a runner that would take the food out to the outside line of vehicles. Needless to say, and as evidenced by my picture, the 2nd drive-through window is now just a little cubby hole of wasted space.

Very few drive-throughs I go through now use the 2nd window. I often wonder why not - it is there, you have people standing around, use it. I think they would first have to bulldoze the kids meal boxes and cases of drink cups out of the way first. It makes you wonder though why they stopped using them. I mean they spent thousand of dollars installing them to speed the process up, so why let that money and space now be wasted?

Makes me also think of ill thought out plans in churches. Someone grabs an idea and runs with it because they see another church do it and "succeed", so they jump on the bandwagon. I wonder how many dollars and how much time have been spent on chasing projects and programs. How many people did not seek God before acting on an idea? I am sure they are numerous and I am sure they all failed. I know that a program can maintain life for a little while by just sheer determination and sacrifice on a person's part, but it will turn into a wasted space eventually because although God may have been mentioned here and there, He was not a part.

Does your church have any "2nd drive-through windows"? Programs that are on life support that certain people do not want to pull the plug on? Maybe it is because these programs "have always been" in your church, but in fact have robbed people of vailuable time with God and with the bretheren.

I suggest to always seek God before, during and throughout the process of anything that is for Him and His church. For the children of God, that will encompass everything in their life, so that is another way to say "always seek God in everything you do". Nothing in a Christian's life is not of God or for God. Seek Him daily in all facets of your life and He will lead you as He promised.

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