Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 124: Election Day Blues

Election Day 2010 is upon us. Actually the polls are now closed here in Kentucky, but I have not had time to hear the early predictions yet, so I'll wait until I get finished typing this post to hear about all of the conservatives that were elected today.

My picture today is fairly self-explanatory - no alcohol sales on election day until the polls are closed here in Kentucky. I've never really though a lot about this law since it doesn't affect me. I have assumed that it was to aid in allowing people to make an unimpaired decision on their vote. I found out differently when I dug a little past my assumptions and into the world of Google.

Looks like alcohol is prohibited for sale because a long time ago ballots were cast in bars at times. Of course, in the bars alcohol was flowing throughout the election day and some on the ballots would try pursued voters by purchasing drinks for them. I'd say it was pretty much bribery, but unlike the backroom politics of today where millions of dollars is offered for votes for things like health care and such. So that is why alcohol is not sold until the polls are closed. Seems like it is one of those archaic laws, that are not really valid today but no one questions the reasons and no one pursues changing it. Not that it matters to me or anything, but it is nice to know why laws are placed on the books in the first place.

I hope everyone did exercise their right to vote today. I also hope that everyone sought the council of God before making their mark on the ballot. Romans 13 tells us that God appoints those in authority over us and we are to follow those governing bodies - like them or not. We are to respect their position of authority, as long as it does not violate God's Word. One such way that government oversteps is the issue of abortion, the killing of innocent lives. Roe V Wade gave people a "choice" to end the life of another human being and since then millions of lives have been ended. I do not think this is an easy decision for most women and they surely carry the anguish with them through life as they wonder "what if". In this though God can still forgive. It is a terrible thing, but not too terrible for God to forgive one over. It could actually be used by God to convict someone to the point of repentance.

Even though I real;y do not like Obama and his council, I must respect his office. One thing I do not respect is his blasphemy in professing to be a Christian. He holds no Christian values and bares no visible Christian fruit. He flippantly refers to the bible and openly embraces Islam. Although I can't say that he is a Muslim I can say with 99.9% certainty that he does not know the God of the bible and has not repented and trusted in Him. I do pray for Obama frequently as we all should. Add him and the other elected officials to your prayer list and pray for their salvation foremost and then for them to carry out God's will that He may be glorified.

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