Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 123: Almost Evil?

Not sure why people like to equate themselves with blatant evil. Such as the bumper sticker in the center of this Tracker's bumper. If it is hard to read to you, it says "667 Neighbor of the Beast". I've seen others similar to this that say "665 - Almost Evil" and also "333 - Half Evil".

My assumption is these people think it is cute to make light of the very real threat of the Beast told of in scripture. This means they do not take God or His Word serious either. They mock an imminent threat to their existence that could show himself at any time. These types of bumper stickers and other jokes about things of scripture are blasphemous to their core.

When will people wake up and see that God is not mocked (Gal. 6:7)? The flippant use of God's Name is one of the highest sins committed, yet people drag His Name through the mud. Blasphemy is rampant and has grown to be part of every day speaking for the majority of people. Terms like "jeez, OMG, gosh, golly, geesh and holy cow" are all derivatives of blasphemy. If you say I am carrying this a little too far or that I am splitting hairs I would say that you are a large part of the problem. Society has grown accustomed to hearing and/ or saying things that defile God's Name.

Using other terms like hell and damn also is a ploy of Satan to desensitize people. This has been done in a large way by musicians that glorify going to hell as just a big party with all your friends in tow. Telling people to "go to hell" is also a sign of just how little people really regard the very real place of torment for those that reject God. Other things said like "hell yeah, hell no, damn it, I don't give a damn, I'll be damned" also show just how little people fear the place called hell and the damnation to that place because of their sins.

Everything that God created was for a purpose. The main purpose was to show His glory. Yes, even hell glorifies God in some aspects. 2 Peter 3:9 says that God is long-suffering in waiting for you to repent, that He doesn't want you to perish to the place called hell. You must repent and believe the gospel of Christ. He is the only one that can save you from the fire's of hell that cannot be quenched. Do you know Him? Have you given your life to Him as His slave out of love for Him. Or do you continue to reject the God of Abraham and Isaac?

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