Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 99: Rock'em Sock'em Testimony

What a blast from the past this is. Seems like the toy companies are bringing back some of the games that were popular back in my childhood.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots was a staple in my house. I remember my brother knocking my block off quite often. The sound of the red robot's head popping up forever ingrained into my memory.

I also remember Mouse Trap, even though I never really understood all of the rules. Then there was the ever popular Yard Darts/ Jarts that impaled many a person and led to their banning in 1988. The darts were replaced by a very un-dangerous ball with fins that looked more like a giant birdie for badminton. Then there was the ever popular Battleship and Monopoly. My brother claims to be the king of Monopoly, but I may have the edge now that I am older and wiser and actually use a little strategy.

So many thing of yesteryear are forgotten. I would give just about anything to regain the memories that have left me. Some of the memories I do have are of my childhood church, attending daycare there and for some reason the smell of the food at lunch time there. I attended that church until I was 14, when my "rebellious" state kicked in, otherwise known as backsliding by all of those at that church or simply living out my depraved state of being to all of those that do not lie to themselves.

At 14 I was introduced to a plethora of sins, at church camp of all places. The music was the first draw, which was directly introduced to me at camp, followed by alcohol, drugs, cussing and a 24 year smoking habit. I was just living out my desires, buying my own way to hell. I thought I was okay and had my ticket to heaven. All I had to do was say that I was sorry for my sins each day and I was good to go. I was deceived and willfully and joyfully ignorant. I was banking on a decision as an 8 year old and knew that because a preacher told me I was saved it had to be true. I loved my sins, but also knew deep down that this couldn't be what a true Christian was.

Fast forward to my 38th year of life when God actually saved me. He began to show me the deception that I had grown to love and depend on for my constant spiritual ease. I had left church at 14 and only made the occasional appearance, less than a handful of times through life. But I believed myself to be okay still. I had recited "the prayer" numerous times through my life, whenever I felt extra sorry for sinning. God does have a way of really showing up to a sinner though.

I was perfectly content, but God had other plans for me. I had returned to the church of my youth, even to the youth pastors class to regain some of the youth I had missed. He was teaching an adults class then, but he was still the same - a schmoozer extraordinaire. He called everyone bubby and sissy because he didn't remember their names, he would always make you feel really good about yourself, a really good people person. God started showing me things that were not in alignment with what I had been studying on my own, apart from his class. I had begun to listen to John MacArthur, Ray Comfort and eventually Paul Washer all of which were teaching me biblical avenues that I had never heard before. I was learning of true repentance, true sorrow against a Holy God. I remember a sermon of MacArthur's about the narrow gate. I realized that I was on the wide path and had never known true repentance and faith in Christ. That is when God saved me from hell and the sinful life that I had been living for the past 24 years. I was then a true child of God.

I can still look back and see the path that God formed for me. He allowed me to walk that path of deception so that my heart would ache for those same type of people that are living in faith of their faith or a prayer. They do not know the true God of scripture and depend on themselves. They balance out their good and bad and pat each other on the back, reassuring each other that they are okay because they took care of "it" years ago. It is a social club where the dues are handshakes and smiles that hide the very core of American Churchianity. These people are deceived and on the road to hell.

Good news is..... there is the Good News. The Gospel of Christ who came to bare the sins of the world if one would only repent and trust in Him. A true turning from sin and to a Holy God for everything. Have you done this? Or do you cling to your faith of your faith? Do you hold tight to a god that loves everyone regardless of what they do, that turns a blind eye to sin and doesn't really care about what you do? This is a false god that has been carefully crafted by Satan, having a form of godliness but denying the Power. So dangerous is this false gospel and the harlot church that has grown out of this man centered message. Millions are damned because of it and millions more are living in its clutches today.

To the tue Christians - keep preaching the Gospel of Christ, the same message that Jesus Himself and His Apostles preached. Do not compromise one bit the message. Stay true, cast the seed wide and broad and allow God to water and bring in His harvest. You will find opposition from those outside the church, but more devastatingly within the "church". People will say you are a Jesus Freak, have gone over the edge, are a holy roller or a bible thumper. That is all well and good, take that as the signs that God is using you to reach some for His Name sake. Be true to the Lord and hold His Name high.

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