Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 98: Line Of Fire

This could be a picture of any checkout line in the United States. Magazines filled with gossip call out to those that are standing in line, beckoning for someone to pick them up and get their curiosity piqued so they may buy one of them. I'd guess that 99% of these magazines prominently displayed at checkout lines are full of trash, while the other 1% are filled with recipes. That's just my 23% guess to a 100% moral fail to those who like to delve into the latest gossip on Brad Pitt or whoever the "it" person is at the time.

This is the insatiable desire of people to know what other people are doing. Maybe this is why twitter is so popular now. In 140 characters or less you can jump right into someones life for a few moments. One lives vicariously through the tweets and tabloid articles instead of having a life themselves. Don't get me wrong, I am not an "anti-tweeter", I am just an "anti-don't do anything that doesn't glorify God person".

So many things are indifferent in and of themselves. It is the use at any moment that determines if it is evil/ sin or good and glorifies God. Magazines are just paper, they are indifferent until a human slaps ink across the pages in the name of journalism. The same goes with Twitter, Facebook or Myspace (is Myspace still around?). These sites and social media/ networking outlets are not evil, but their use can be. I will not list all of the things that can potentially be done on the sites, but I think everyone will have a few things pop into their head right... about.... now.

I have been greatly edified with posts on facebook on tweets. I have even won meet and greats for concerts and made some friends in other countries that I never would have been able to this side of heaven. I happen to really like Facebook and Twitter when used to glorify God. I actually encourage others to use these outlets to glorify the Lord with how He is working in their lives. It is wonderful to hear how God has blessed someone and equally wonderful to hear that someone needs prayer and is counting on you to join in with them.

Then there is blogging as well, but I better not go into that right now.....

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Camillia said...

Just wanted to say your statistics cracked me up...and that you also made the statement that Brad Pitt was the "it" person...which I highly doubt, just cause he was the "it person" when I was in high school....I personally (along with my family) have to divert our eyes in the check out lines (one reason I enjoy self check outs...