Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 97: Free..... But For A Price

Looking over the iPhone apps tonight I saw the above offering free books..... for $1.99. So, if you have to pay for the books, or the means to get the books, how are they free? They're not, but it's a simple way to show you that a lot of what you see and hear these days is deceptive.

The same holds true in Christendom, with people saying that salvation is a free gift. That statement could not be more true and I agree with it 100%. What I do not agree with is what is done and said after they declare the free gift of God. They seem to always want to tack a price onto it - usually in this day and time it is a work. You have to do this or that to gain that free gift. So which is it? Is it a free gift or is it something that you have to perform to be granted? It can't be bot, because they refute each other.

To say that one has to follow certain laws or the 10 Commandments, for that matter, is really adding works to grace. It is true that a true child of God will strive to not brake any of the commandments, but it comes natural to them, they don't have to really put forth a whole lot of effort because they are a new creation and the Creator is at work in them. God changes a person and their desires, God initiates salvation and God finishes salvation. He does not require us to perform, but we do so out of love, not out of trying to make payment for the free gift.

If you are trying to work your way to heaven or into the graces of God, stop now. It will never work. Only the work of Christ on Calvary as He bore your sins will appease the Fathers wrath that is now on your head. He demands payment for sinning against Him and there is no way you can pay the fine. The only way your sins can be purchased is by the blood of Christ as you repent and trust in Him.

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