Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 95: The Heat Is On

Yes, that's right, I turned the heat on this morning. Normally it is probably the end of October before this milestone is reached, but this year the temperatures have been really out of whack. In my earlier posts I talked of how dry and hot the summer had been, how the heat came much earlier and stayed around for a lot longer. Well, fall seems to be doing the same thing. It arrived practically overnight and now we are even getting hints of wintertime with early morning lows in the 30s.

Tonight/ in the morning they are calling for it to be around 34. Now that is a little chilly to not have the heat on. We usually keep the thermostat in the off position until later in the year, but I had to turn it on this morning for the comfort of everyone else in the house. It was a cool 62 in the house this morning and was a prime time to try out the new heat pump heating system. It did really well and I think it is going to pay for itself in just a few years in energy savings. Typical winter electric bills run 2 to 3 times as much as summer bills, but this newer heat pump technology is supposed to be much more efficient than regular electric heat.

I seem to be giving in more lately to others. In the recent past I would have probably left the heat off, justifying the energy savings at the expense of my family having to awaken to chattering teeth. I guess I am realizing that some things are more important than others, especially the ones that God has allowed me to call my family. If their comfort is within reasonable grasp, why should I deny that? Not that being comfortable is something that will always be available to us, but when it is why should I keep that from them? I shouldn't. Will that lead to them being spoiled? Probably, but so what. I love my family and I thank God that He has given us the resources to supply their needs. Not saying that extravagance is desired, but if God has given us the means, why should we deny that? As long as the thanks and praise is to the Giver and not the gift.

We just have to keep God as the focus. Even in what we might call "tough times" God has always provided to us. He has always met our needs and I am very grateful that He allowed me the parents He did, the brother He did, the wife He did and the kids. He has entrusted me this family and I do not always do the things I should and act rather selfishly, but by His grace He has shown me where I fail. By His grace He works in my heart to allow me to be a better father and husband. By His grace all things are possible.

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