Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 92: An Evening With The Chapmans

Just home from seeing "An Evening With The Chapmans" concert in Murray KY. The Chapmans referenced were Paducah's own Steven Curtis and his family, on tour together, with Caleb opening the show, Steven singing a few songs, wife Mary Beth speaking for a little bit and then Stevie closing out the show. Sons Caleb and Will (the group Caleb) also played with SCC's band through the show. So this was a true family affair.

It was a great night highlighted by the testimonies that God has bestowed to this family that have touched many a heart. A little over 2 years ago the Chapman's daughter, Marie, was accidentally ran over in the driveway of their home resulting in her death. Son, Will, was the one that was driving the vehicle that hot Marie. I can not even begin to imagine the depths this family has been and probably still visit on occasion. What is the true miracle in this, is the testimonies that God has formed in each and every one of the family members. Each have a different testimony and each rely on God for their strength... just as we should.

One of the last songs that they sand was "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord", which is taken from the book of Job. It is the account of Job saying that God gives and takes at His will and we must realize that He is in control and we need to trust Him in everything. It is very easy to trust and glory in God when things are going good for us, but the true test of faith comes in the valleys of life. The Chapmans lifted God up high throughout this whole process. Hearing their testimonies firsthand of how God worked in their hearts is very edifying and shows me I have a long way to go in my walk. I do pray that God would allow me that kind of grace if and when I face a valley as low as the one the Chapmans have had.

This family still needs our prayers and sadly I have not prayed for them in a long time. The Lord is showing me that my lack of prayer for others is besetting for me. He has been allowing me to realize this over the past few months and although I do pray more for my brothers and sisters - I do not pray enough for them. I will be putting a prayer journal together soon filled with my prayers and those I should be praying for. It will be a tool to use so I am not lax at lifting up my brothers and sisters in prayer. I thank God for the grace He has given me to show me that I should be doing this and I thank Him for testimonies like we heard tonight that teach us all more about His grace - in the good times and in the bad.


J.T. said...

So are you going to change your mind about Cinderella being played on the radio? ;)

Jeff said...

The song is alright, but not for Christian radio. There are a lot of songs these days that radio stations play that shouldn't be played - usually man centered.