Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 122: A Blast From The Past

I have a confession before I even start typing - I did not take this picture today. I did, however, scan it today so I am using it as my picture of the day. Scanning the pictures I did today really brought back some really good memories of days gone by. The pictures I posted on Facebook were of Chandra and me back the "first" time we were together.

At the time we felt like we were going to be together forever. A little into our relationship we had Matthew and our relationship began to break down. We later split up, but remained friends through the years. Plus we had a child together, which is kind of a good reason to stay friendly. It wasn't a stretch to be friends though as I still had emotions for Chandra throughout the years. We also weren't aware that God was in direction of things either. We thought we were making our paths.

Years later we ended up getting back together and got married, something we did not do the first time we were together. I believe God knew that if we did get married it would have ended in divorce rather quickly. So, I had lived my life as a professing Christian because of a prayer I said at 8 years old and she was raised a Catholic and didn't really know anything spiritual other than what the Catholic church told her. Actually we were probably on level ground spiritually since everything I was told I have had to question over the years too. I knew the Christianese, but I was definitely not a Christian.

About 4 years into our marriage God did a work in me and actually did save me, by His grace. It was a couple of years later and a few prayer incidences of her own and God saved Chandra as well. We have both grown a lot since our conversions. The greatest part to see God work in is our marriage. We have learned through some difficult issues what an actual marriage is and how it is a reflection of the love that Christ has for His church. I was failing miserably at being a husband and father and of course I was laying all the blame on my wife. Oh, how wrong was I.

Through some time in counseling with Brother Michael and Miss Karen, we started to learn the real meaning of marriage. As we were progressing in our marriage and our individual walks with God Chandra had to have some fairly extensive surgery done. This was, to me, the time that God really solidified our marriage. He used this time, that would have normally been seen as "bad" to use it for our good. I will never forget the lives that were touched in the hospital those few weeks. God is simply amazing.

I wrote a daily journal of the time Chandra was in the hospital. It was to keep everyone updated and informed ass to what was going on. It actually ended up being a testimony to God's power as we saw miracle after miracle take place within the confines of a hospital room. None greater though than God restoring our marriage and breathing life into our relationship and understanding of one another.

There have been some really amazing turns in the past few months for us as well. None that required a hospital stay, but God has done further transformational work in both of us. So, from Chandra's 80's big hair and my 80's mullet, to the gray hair I have today, God has been active in our lives separately and also planning the convergence of our lives into one almost 8 years ago. I love Chandra more than anyone. She was given to me by God and I will never take her for granted. She means the world to me and I can't even fathom living without her. Ephesians 5:25 may be a long way off for me, but by His grace I will keep striving to love my wife as Christ loves His church.

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