Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 121: Zombie Walk 2010

Zombies invaded Paducah again this year, the second year in a row. Last year I did not venture out to see what was going on, but this year I decided to go see what the big deal was all about.

I arrived a little early, so the zombies were still being "zombified", getting last minute instructions and just hanging out. It seemed like a "normal" gathering, if you ignored the fake blood and various stages of decomposition. People were standing around talking, kids were playing and there was a lot of picture taking and even more laughing. These people were really enjoying the festivities focused on death or quasi-death.

Christians will beg to say how wrong these people were for glorifying death or partaking in a event that was obviously Halloween related. I'd say these folks were doing what is natural to them, finding pleasure in places other than God. I do not point a condemning finger their way, nor would I join in what they were doing either. Just as I will not try to clean up the lost people that I work with or others that I know. Then we'd have a lot (more) self- righteous people that think they are good enough on their own merits to enter the Kingdom of God.

Were there Christians participating in this zombie walk? Not sure, but here in the bible belt I bet about 80% of these people claim to be Christians. So, how does a truly born again Christian handle events like this? No differently than you would people that walk through your mall, work at the hospital or attend the Friday night football game. If you feel compelled to share with a zombie, then do it. If someone participating were truly a Christian then I think they would be in one of two classes - either babes/ newly converted and just beginning the sanctification process or are very mature Christians that have the liberty to partake in such events. Me, I am neither a babe nor firm enough in my walk to even think about something like this.

I will not turn this into a gripe session about Halloween as I am still processing what is biblically acceptable for a Christian. I choose currently to not participate in Halloween, but maybe one day God will grant me the liberty to participate. I do know that if God ever does give me a clean conscience of celebrating Halloween I will not mask it (no pun intended) as a "harvest celebration", "fall festival" or "trunk or treating" all of which are made up terms by folks to say, "Nope, don't celebrate Halloween, but my church does have a fall festival where kids can dress up. It's much safer than celebrating Halloween." Uh, yeah, right.

Halloween does have roots in evil and is still full of evil. But I will not condemn a brother or sister that participates in the holiday. To me it is one of those gray areas that Paul covers in 1 Cor. 8 and Romans 14. I would just as soon sit at home on October 31st than to cause a brother to stumble. The world watches Christians to see how they react and see how the function in the world and I believe it is noticed when someone takes a stand against celebrating Halloween. But that's not the only thing they pay attention to either. That is why we must continually examine ourselves and not become complacent with what we do. We should continually evaluate and pray over things in our life to see what God wants us to do. Search scripture and see where God leads you in your walk with Him. Study His Word, use godly men and their research to help you. Stay away from questionable teachers that say some truth, but also mix some heresy in there. There is no such thing as partial truth, a half truth is still a lie. Make sure that your teachers are solid in the Word and they openly take council with others to help their own faith. A godly man will always receive godly council.

So zombies, schmombies. I couldn't care less that Paducah hosted this event. It did not impact society any more than it has been affected. It did not glorify God, but nothing a lost person does can. So, there ya go, it is a moot point and a Christian shouldn't feel threatened that sinners sin, they glorify their sin and they relish in their sin. That's what they do and that is why God told you, Christian, to "GO" and make disciples. Go out into your city and use events like this to talk to people and pass out tracts.


Garrett said...

Thank you for this "Interesting" article on how the zombies could be Christians who are 'new' or 'mature Christians who have the liberty to partake in such events'

These events are peaceful gatherings of fans of zombies. There is no violence, hatred or death unlike what religion has caused over the years.

This zombie walk benefits the local charities and businesses of Paducah. Next time you want to come out take pictures, and write a article on these sinners, go out and do something good for your fellow man instead of damning them.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the comment Garret. My blog is normally written to Christians or professing Christians, about my take on things. This posting was part of my "Year in my life through pictures" series and happened to be the most interesting picture I took that day.

I do not think I said anything derogatory about the event or the participants, just made an observation. I actually went against the "normal" Christian reaction to yell FOUL and condemn the event. I stated that most were probably lost, just as I have in other posts about most people that sit in pews every Sunday morning.

I saw nothing but a group of people having a good time in their own way. I did not see or hear anything detrimental to society and I don't think I said I did in the post. I will go back and re-read my post and see if I condemned the zombie walk in any way. I think I actually smiled a few times and even said hello to a few of the undead last night.

I will whole heartily agree that many terrible things have been commited by religious groups or people. I would venture to say that all of those people were not true Cheistians. Of course you have equated me with them all, which I am not radical in any way except for the Truth of God's Word.

I also did not say that dressing as zombies made these folks sinners. I damned no one only brought to light those that are lost's need for a Savior. I could make the same remarks about people who shop at Wal Mart too. I ask you to go back through my earlier posts and see that I make the same remarks about people who go to church too.

What it boils down to is we ALL are sinful and fallen and in desperate need of saving. Thing is we all want to rely on our own goodness when none of us are good at all. If not by the grace of God I would be on my way to hell. Only because He imputed the righteousness of Jesus Christ only account makes me right in His eyes. I am no better than anyone else an probably was worse than any of those dressed as zombies last night. God saved me from a life of sinfulness as well as hell. He gave me a new heart, a gift. I did nothing to earn it and am compelled to share His goodness and saving power however I can, even if it is drawing a parallel with people dressing as the undead.

I am sorry if I offended you Garret. I really think if you read my other posts you will see where my heart is.

brit87tany said...

First of all I am a Christian and Christians sin I'm sure you do no one is a p[perfect Christian.... there is nothing wrong with Halloween!!! Halloween is the celebration of SamHane...People painted their faces to hide from him!!! There is nothing wrong at all about this zombie walk....just a bunch of good people having fun!!! Trunk-or-treat churches started, so that they know the children will have safe candy, and don't those people dress up? Yeah I think so!!!! I'm pretty sure it says in the bible not to judge others....Only GOD can judge!So next time you wanna judge these so called sinners, maybe you should take a look at your self!!I personally know some of these people that participated in this event!!!

Jeff said...

Hi brit87tany - First, please read my comment above to Garret's comment.

Also, I never said that participating in this event made these people sinners. If anything it is a result of sin. I also equated the Zombie Walk with people in Wal Mart, who are sinners too. My point was that sinners (lost people) are everywhere and Christians need to use gatherings and places people already go to as their Samaria and witness to them.

As far as judging, I wrote a post a while back and ask you to read it as well
Numerous times in scripture we are told to judge. What I think you are referring to (incorrectly) is unrighteous judgment. Example, if I participate in getting drunk and then point a finger at someone that also gets drunk and say they need to stop drinking. That is not taking the log out of your own eye to get the piece of sawdust out of someone elses. It is NOT sitting by and not calling sin sin.

Also Halloween is trying to be "Christianized", but does that make it right? I don't think it does and neither does the bible. What does have light to do with the dark? The light cancels out the dark, because they cannot dwell together.

Remember God said we would know false converts and preachers by their fruit. That is the ultimate way we are told to judge peoples actions to discern if they are actually Christians or not.

And by the way - I knew some participating in the walk as well. Nice people yes - but still dead in their sins.