Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 120: Obama Is A Sith

I knew it, Barak Obama is an evil Sith. Well, actually, my Twitter app has issue from time to time with pictures of those I am following. To be more specific with just the supposed Darth Vader persona that I follow.

Other than you now, at this moment, are calling me a geek you can also probably see the second tweet from Darth Vader has a picture of Rick Warren. So, yes I also follow Rick Warren, "America's pastor". I will confess that the reason is the same for boh Warren and Obama - so I can reply back to their tweets with some truth, because they obviously do not get it from those around them. Not to say they actually are in charge of their Twitter postings or would even look to see what they have in their inbox.

I do not endorse either Obama or Warren for similar reasons. Namely that their theology is not accurate. Obama is probably more easily seen as a false convert, but what about Warren? Is Warren a true Christian or does he promote a false idol of a god? I do know that he likes to twist scriptures to fit what he says instead of the opposite. He also has a very man centered message and is the most pragmatic "pastor" of late. I will not go into details, but he is probably more dangerous than Obama.

These guys just go to show that you have to always measure a man's profession against scripture. Obama more blatant false in his religion, Warren saying some truths but also scattered with lies, twists and omissions. I implore you to always check what someone says about God to what the Word says, even if it is what you've always heard at church. You may just be on the road to having some scales removed from your eyes and having you own personal awakening.

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