Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 119: Challenge(r)

The new Challengers are some really cool cars. Matter of fact, if I was going to buy a new car one of these just might be the choice. I've always had an affinity for muscle cars and seeing how the Big 3 all have some retro/ muscle car looking offerings I am liking at least 2/3 of the choices. I really, really like the Challenger, then the Camaro and still kind of "iffy" on the Mustang. I do like how the Mustang takes its cues from the late 60's instead of the mid 70's, seeing how I once owned a 1969 Mustang Grande' that looks very similar looking straight at each one.

I guess reminiscing about the past can be a good thing. But it can also be a bad thing too. For example, music that once was listened to by me 10 years ago is not something that I even desire any more. I will from time to time at work make small talk about the bands I saw in concert, but it is in hopes to open doors to show the redemptive work that God has done to me.

Actually, looking back to some of the things I did once upon a time seem like dreams, like I would never even be capable of doing those things. That is because I am a new creation in Christ. I can't even imagine smoking like I did for 24 +/- years of my life or drinking alcohol. Just some of the things I can honestly say that God has gloriously taken away from me to further conform me to the image of Christ. I am still a work in progress, but oh so different than before He saved me. I still may appear to look the same way or have some of the similar characteristics, but like the new Challenger vs. the old Challengers the insides are all totally different, new and better than ever. Also like the Challenger - I did not do it myself. I am not, nor ever was, capable of making myself anew. Only God can change someone, give them new desires, new internal workings and make them a new creation.

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