Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 118: A Beautiful Sunrise Painting

What a beautiful sunrise we had this morning. Since the extended darkness in the morning has been creeping up I have been witness to some pretty amazing paintings from God as He twists the light of the sun through the Earth's atmosphere to create the most wonderful looking sunrises I have ever seen. It may be I just notice them more now that I see and seek out God in my everyday life. I am becoming more lucid in my thoughts of God.

An area that I have found to be a huge blessing is my daily communing with the Lord. I constantly talk to Him throughout the day. Some days more than others, but still on a daily basis. It is more of the conversational type of communing, not so much as a structured prayer or anything. Don't get me wrong, I am far from where I need to be in actually being on the spiritual plane I should be, but thank God for the grace to be farther along than I have ever been.

I am also blessed with a job that allows me to work on an assembly line from time to time, as opposed to my normal office duties. My office work takes a lot of mental strain and detracts from my communing with the Lord. When I do get the opportunity to work on the assembly line I take full advantage of it. Out comes the iPhone loaded with great, God honoring music that probably gets the ire of most of those I am working around, connected to my Phillips boom box. I also am able to concentrate more pointedly on my communion with God. The work is repetitive, so it comes to someone like a second nature, especially after 15 years of doing those jobs. I also have more opportunities to interact with my coworkers. Conversations usually take a spiritual turn, probably because I try to be aware of the opportunities God lays before me to speak about Him and share the gospel.

Sharing about God used to come difficult to me, but as I seek God and a more intimate relationship with Him, He is allowing me to speak more freely. How can someone keep His goodness bottled up inside? I don't think it is possible for a true child of God. Maybe that's what Romans 10:9 means about confessing that Jesus is Lord, it is the every day conversations that confesses Jesus is Lord.

I do realize that I still need to seek God daily for my daily walk. I really think that the closer we get to the Lord, the further we feel, which is our way of sensing His holiness. We feel more terrible about our sinfulness, so we feel less worthy to be in His presence. But then I remember the cross that Jesus died upon that through Him we have full access to the throne of the Father. Children of God are hidden in Christ, so the Father sees Christ's righteousness when we do enter the throne room. It is almost unfathomable to think that the Creator of all allows us to have court with Him and to bring our requests to Him. What a mighty God we serve.

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