Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 112: Waiter, There's A Cat In My Corn

Did you know that cats eat corn? I had no idea, until I dropped a kernel in the floor this evening and the cat proceeded to chomp down on it. Who knew? I figured cats would just eat fish, chicken or anything that was made from either of those things, but corn?

I guess it amazes me too what we feed on. Not physically, but spiritually. If you are converted, then everything is spiritual to you. There is no more secular to a Christian, everything becomes holy in a Christians life. Too bad we do not live like it most of the time. Sure, Sundays and Wednesday nights we have it down pat, but it's the other times that we struggle.

Do we not realize that everything we consume has an effect on us, good or bad? I have been trying to watch the "entertainment" that I have been partaking in, chiefly the TV. I have cut my viewing down by a lot, only watching a few programs a week. I also have considerably scaled back the artists that I listen to. I have not listened (on purpose) to secular music, other than what the guys at work listen to or what I hear in everyday life. By purposefully I mean playing a CD or tuning a channel in. If you read Day 36 of my "Year in my life" series, it will give you a little more information on my musical tastes and changes. I have shed some of the groups that I once thought were o.k. to listen to that are labeled "Christian music" for a few reasons. The first is the group may have a heretical view of God - this will include Philips, Craig and Dean because of their Modalism views. The next category are groups that still glorify the things of the world, such as sinful lifestyles, wearing satanic band shirts, promoting secular bands such as U2 or the Beatles - groups that fit this category include Family Force Five and DC Talk. The last category I will mention are the ones that do not actually sing about God or glorify Him, but instead just sing about the same things you hear on mainstream radio. While this group may truly have some converted people in it, I will not listen to their music because it does not have God as its focus. This would include Owl City and Carrie Underwood. Actually Underwood would be in a different category as well, the ones that profess to be Christians but live very differently than they claim. These are probably the most common since they are products of the modern church messages across the globe.

One just needs to weigh out what actually glorifies God and what doesn't. Music and TV aren't bad in themselves, but the content can be. Also the time spent in entertainment like these can be detrimental. Do you spend more time watching TV, playing video games or listening to music than you do on godly things? That would be a sure sign that you really need to seek God for some pruning in your life. After all, as Christians do we not want to consume what will bring glory to the Father? 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Camillia said...

I watched a documentary the other night (a few weeks ago now actually) called "Food, Inc". The people doing the investigative reporting, showed how corn is actually in most everything we eat, some form of it. Its hidden, made into another form, called by a different name, disguised as something "healthy". I figure its obvious the parallel. I wrote earlier on another blog I read, about Romans 12:1-2. and how easily, and unknowingly our culture sneaks "corn" into us. when we are so well adjusted to the world around us, that we hardly take notice that we're blending in...being in the world and not of it, our everyday lives, pursuing Christ, to make ourselves living sacrifices for Him...not blending in with our surroundings.