Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 110: What Section Is Your Favorite?

When you go to Lifeway, or any other Christian bookstore, which section do you look at first? Do you stop by the featured selections as you first walk in? How about straight to the Bibles? I know several people that would head straight to the newest fiction offerings and others that migrate to the music section. I think it is just what ever your personal "bent" is that determines where you like to look first. More often than not I (we) make our way around the entire store, looking at things we look at each and every time we visit the store.

If you look at my picture of the day, you will see a red circle. This happens to be what I call the "Evangelism Section" of our local Lifeway. Here you can find the first Way Of The Master Biblical Evangelism Study and the Way Of The Master book that goes along with their online School of Biblical Evangelism. That's it. Nothing else. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. You could probably venture through the aisles and see a few books on evangelism, but not a section dedicated to this much needed topic. I wonder why that is.

Could this issue be because no one (hardly) is interested in evangelism? Not many books are sold for this great command? Is it lack of material? How about Lifeway just doesn't stock it, or put it in high regard? I am not sure and all I have are speculations. But I, personally, see a huge gap that needs to be filled. Why can't they take the few titles they keep in stock and make an actual Evangelism Section? There are sections for everything else - biographies, self help, finances, fiction, women's, men's, classics and even a Spanish section. All of which encompass whole sections of shelving.

Wouldn't I be safe to say that this is indicative of a much larger issue? A problem with Christianity? Or actually modern or American Christianity? Are people so confident in their ability to share the gospel that they do not need books and other literature to help them along in this part of their walk? Of course the Holy Spirit guides one when proclaiming the gospel, but are people even doing it? Are they sharing the good news? Or do they just give a few dollars here and there and think they are following out the Great Commission? Do professing Christians even have a desire to share their faith? Or do they even know what their faith is based on anyway?

I think there are some real issues and the lack of literature on this topic really is a tell tell sign of things. Why can there be thousands of fiction titles and maybe a couple dozen evangelism titles? I am perplexed and think I may have to inquire with Lifeway headquarters. If when reading scripture one can not see that you can not separate evangelism from being a Christian, then you are not reading the bible. Christian and Evangelical are synonymous, you can't be one without the other.

I think we, as a body, need to really examine our priorities. Is the Christian life to be used to entertain ourselves with books and movies that are supposedly made for or by Christians? Or should we actually be putting the soles of our shoes to the street and proclaiming the Word? I am not an anti-TV or anti-entertainment person either. But I see many people who waste a lot of time and resources in that area, instead of in areas that could be used to further the Kingdom and bring glory to the Lord. We have "Americanized" Christianity to the point of it looking just like the worlds idea of entertainment, just with Christian themes or titles.

Just something to think about and seek the Lord over. WE should all be examining our "free" time activities. Just remember that to a true child of God, there is nothing secular. Everything a Saint does, says or comes into contact with is to be Holy and set apart. We are not our own, but are slaves to the Almighty God. Let Him choose what we do then. Get out there and spread the gospel as all Christians are commanded. Do not let those that are dying around you end up in hell without you faithfully telling them about the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ the Spotless Lamb. Get out there and evangelize, start with your family.

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