Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 100: Steven Curtis Chapman - Where It All Began

This is a picture of Steven Curtis Chapman's dad's music store here in my hometown of Paducah KY. It is actually just a few miles from my house and we pass by it often. This is where Mr. Chapman has been giving lessons since 1967 and is still going strong today. Mr. Chapman (Herb) is one of those "un-known" people that God uses to touch and reach others that are used more prominently than others, in this case his son Steven Curtis.

Myself, I am glad to take the back seat and not be in the public's limelight. I am perfectly content to being a support type of person, as this is where my giftings fall. I am not a gifted speaker, musician or singer, but I do love God and do make myself available to whatever God puts in my path.

I have often heard that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. That is very true, as God desires the glory for what He does. What better way than to use someone in a way that seems out of character for them? In this it is very recognizable that God did a work through someone and not that person doing it in and of himself.

I see myself as an Apostle Andrew type instead of the more prominent Paul, Peter or John. Usually if you ask someone who they think they are most like from scripture it will be one of those I mentioned, not the obscure Andrew best known as the brother of Peter. But it was Andrew that God used to bring Peter to Jesus John 1:41, to bring the boy to Jesus with the fish (John 6:9) and brought became known as the first foreign missionary by bringing the first Greek to Jesus (John 12:20-23). So, obscurity is what Andrew is known for, but in his contentment with his position he was used greatly by God. So, that is where I hope to be. I simply make myself available for God to use, which is my reasonable service. He has control of my life and I follow the path He has laid before me. He wants us to be available for Him, which should be the desire of any Christian anyway.

Do you "make time" for God? Not out of a sense of having to, with a heart that grumbles? Or do you simply lay down your life because of the grace, love and sacrifice given to you. Do you willfully, with a loving heart "give" your time and resources to God? Might be a good time for a little self examination (2 Cor. 13:5) to make sure where your hearts desires are (Psalm 37:4, Psalm 20:4, Matt. 6:21).

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