Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 91: Memories Of Days Gone By

Chandra and I stopped by Bob's Drive In on the way home this evening so I could partake of a nice chocolate ice cream cone. Yes, it was yummy. What Bob's is really known for is its signature sandwich - the Fiesta Burger, which is kind of a gooey, chili laden cheeseburger that will leave you wanting more.

As far back in my childhood as I can remember my family always had Bob's to eat. It was our treat to get cheeseburgers or a banana split from there. I remember I always looked forward to a banana split because they came in a little plastic boat shaped dish. You probably guessed what we did with those, we actually used them for boats when it would rain. That was a great time, placing one in the flow of water washing down the street and laughing with joy as our cheap plaything would whisk its way almost down the storm drain. I can't remember if I ever lost one down the drain, but I am sure I did.

It is good to remember back to days gone by, to remember where we came from. I don't remember a whole lot about yesteryear, but the memories I do have are what helped to mold me into the person I am today. The biggest changes came at the hand of God through my life, even when I wasn't converted, God still directed my path. See, He knew me before the foundation of the Earth, so He had to be in control of my steps to lead me to a desire for Him. Without going all predestination on you, God chose me that I might choose Him. See, in and of our sinful dispositions we actually reject God. Until His favor and grace on us we will reject Him 100% of the time. Only until He pours His love on us are we then able to actually see Him as how He truly is and actually desire to be His.

I try not to get too theologically deep in my posts, but this subject warrants deep thoughts and also deep emotions from most people. I never gave predestination and election much thought. Only when I saw just how lost I really was, was I so in need of a Savior. I praise Him for loving me and forgiving me. I love Him more than anything and hold His Name above all else. May you be shown the grace that He bestowed to me and may He find you where you are and not leave you there.

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