Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 87: Keyboard Or Just Bored?

So this is what my hands touch more than anything, a computer keyboard. I touch one at work all day and I touch another at home a lot too. Seems like I am coming up with new ways to use a keyboard all of the time. Thing is, it is really easy to stop being productive and just let it waste time.

I try to stay productive when at the keyboard, but one page click leads to another, then to another, then next thing you know I'm playing Family Feud on Facebook or watching a string of stupid videos on youtube. It is a vicious cycle that I have to be on guard for, but often times it is too late before I realize that I have once again been sucked into the void of mindless time wasters on the world wide web.

I am a bit more productive these days though. I have done a couple of small things for Real Truth Matters using After Effects and have a few other things in the work. I did actually shed the computer some during my vacation to actually do some manual labor, making a homemade steadicam for RTM. It is just about ready to go and just waiting for me to add the weights, which I will this week at work.

Doing things for a ministry is really a blessing, even if it is not a lot of things. I do have to watch that as well, because I don't want to be purely motivated to just "do" something for RTM, I want to do things that will magnify and glorify God, just doing it through Real Truth Matters. If you have never checked out Real Truth Matters it would be a great website to bookmark. There are many free resources available on the main site as well as the tributary sites like youtube, facebook, Vimeo and twitter. I highly recommend adding all of them to your favorites and bookmarking, as new content is added regularly. Start with the welcome page and the video that is posted there, then jump over to the Vimeo page and watch the "History Of The Modern Gospel" series that is still in production. They are releasing new installments gradually as the Lord sees fit.

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