Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 79: Day Away In Cape Girardeau

Had a good day trip with Chandra today to cape Girardeau Missouri, just about an hour away. We went just to get away, have lunch and do a little shopping. All things accomplished. We even stopped to take a few pictures at their river front area.

The riverfront area there is nothing like the one here in Paducah. The main difference is that the same river doesn't flow through both cities. Cape has the Mighty Mississippi River rushing past her and we have the Ohio River, which spills into the Mississippi down around Cairo Illinois. Cairo is downstream from Cape, so the same water doesn't flow through both places.

The two rivers are very similar, but also very different. The Mississippi is visibly faster flowing with many apparent undertows. I would not want to be in that water at all. The Ohio at Paducah, on the other hand, seems to have a slower current and not as intimidating. The Ohio in Paducah is also not as wide as the Mississippi at Cape Girardeau. I think in Paducah from the Paducah bank to the Illinois bank is right at one mile. Not sure the width if the Mississippi in Cape, but it is wider.

The biggest thing they have in common is that God created both of them. He carved out their paths and set the flow of the water in each. He knows where every single drop that is in each river originated, how it made it to the rivers and where it will end up, pouring into the sea. Isn't it amazing how much water is in these rivers? But on a grander scale, how much water is in the seas of the Earth? Now think about this, this will boggle your mind for a while. Each and every water drop that makes up all of the water on the planet, if numbered would not even be a single drop in the bucket of time in eternity. If you could somehow take a drop of water, fly it in the space shuttle to mars, deposit it, return to earth, take another single drop to mars, return and repeat until every drop of water was taken from the Earth to Mars. Then reverse the process and return all of the water, one single drop at a time. This would not even be a second in eternity to come. We would be singing praises to God the whole time and He is worthy to sing even longer and we will.

Do you look forward to that eternity? Or do you really want to go to heaven, but not want to do any of that "praising stuff"? Do you want to miss hell, go to heaven and just be happy for eternity? I am sure everyone wants to go to heaven, just most people don't want God to be there when they get there. They want all the benefits, but want nothing to do with the Holy God of the Universe. Where do you stand? What are your thoughts? Do you love God or are you just wanting to avoid His wrath by not going to hell? Do you love Him more than anything or everything else? Examine yourself and see where you truly stand with God. There is no gray area, it is a black and white issue. If you say I am "but".... then you are in need of some soul searching. Please get alone with the Lord and ask Him to reveal your true standing.

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