Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 76: Blue Skies At Night

Had a good evening with the young 'uns at church this evening. I played kickball with them and threw the football around a little bit. During kickball I was the designated thrower/ pitcher/ roller/ whatever its called.

The kids were kind of loud at times, kind of self centered at times, but really good overall. I would have, at one time, gotten really upset with the noise the kids made, the yelling and screaming and bickering, but my patience has come far and I owe it all to Christ. My anger threshold has gotten a lot higher as of late. I really am a calmer person these days, but I still must call out to God to give me strength.

The strength is most of the time needed with my family, as they are the ones I am around most of the time. My wife is probably the one who feels like she gets the brunt of my anger, but I don't think she does. I take most of it out on myself and remain quiet the bigger part of the time.

Through God I am able to actually not get angry, so I don't have to control that emotion. It's like it is gone sometimes, which is great, the other times I must call to God. I am always thankful for reason to seek the Lord in things that come up in my life. He wants us to bring Him our requests and our praises often. Believe me I do bring them often, like constantly throughout the day. I feel like me days are a constant dialog with God as I pray for people as they are brought to mind. This has been a tremendous blessing to me to be able to pray for others, even though they may never realize I did have the opportunity to pray for them.

What a blessing it is to have people that you can pray for. How awesome it is to have a God that listens to my requests and answers them all - yes, no or wait. I praise Him for each answer He gives, as it reassures me that He is constantly by my side.

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