Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 75: Canned Fury

Anyone that knows me, knows my beverage of choice - Diet Coke. I've been drinking these delightful sodas since I was 14ish, so I have had a few in my day. I've heard that they are bad for me, but I can't remember who said that...... oh yeah, that's one of the signs that they are bad for you, loss of memory.

I'd say that throughout my decades of drinking Diet Coke I have not had many issues with packaging or the taste, but today, taking my savory sodas from the box I saw that the majority of them were damaged on the tops, bent up. The box itself was undamaged, so my only thought was that they were damaged during production and made it through quality control before being boxed up and sent on their way to the Paducah Wal-Mart. The only issue with them is it is a little hard to drink out of a can that is bent out of shape in the location that you drink from. The process is similar to trying to drink after going to the dentist, you can feel the can touching, but when you turn it up it kind of dribbles down your chin. I did send an email to Coke telling them about the issue, but it will probably go unnoticed. After all, it's not one of those issues that would keep me from drinking Diet Cokes any longer.

The packaging does remind me of how we live a lot of the time. We are so bent up and mangled that our original design is hardly noticeable. We then put on this outer shell (the box) and hide our flaws from everyone else. It is very noticeable to those that we are around and allow to see those flaws. Only when we open up and share those flaws are we really being honest and that allows for us to ask for help and for prayer that we can get back onto the path that God has lined out for us. We must return our focus, our purpose on the Lord and allow God to mold us into His workmanship. We will still have our dents and dings, but they actually become useful as we tell others how God uses those to bring us closer to Him, give us reasons (like we need more anyway) to seek Him and His grace to overcome. Through that we can witness to others about the goodness of God and our need to trust in Him.

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