Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 73: The Hills Are Alive

I noticed a baffling thing this morning. Actually it would be kind of hard not to notice. Through the night thousands, if not millions, of ants made hundreds of hills or small mounds in our yard. Why? Not really sure and also not really sure what would set off that many ants in that many different locations on the same night.

To me, this is just one more example of God's creation and how He orchestrates His creation in a perfect symphony. The ants have to have some sort of mechanism, whether it's weather, temperature, moisture or tiny calendars on their cavern walls that tell them exactly when to start excavating their winter hideaway. These small creatures had to really work hard to do the amount of digging evidenced this morning. Each one doing its part to accomplish the common goal.

If only we, as humans, the top of God's creative order would be so diligent at what our tasks are. Imagine how we could impact the world for Christ if we stayed focus on our command to go and make disciples of every nation. What a different world it would be if Christians did the work of the kingdom as these small ants do their work. That our kingdom minded tasks would come natural to us and that we could do it without second thoughts, without complaining with glorifying Christ as our common goal.

Too bad we are depraved and sinful creatures. The only of God's creation capable of sin and we do it quite well. The seas rise and fall at God's command, the wind blows and the rain falls. Birds sing their harmony praising God and the coyotes howl at the Moon that waltzes across the sky. But, we humans stand in defiance and opposition to our Creator. We are the only part of Creation that stands like spoiled children and say "no" to God. We are so self centered and self minded that our kingdom minded tasks are a hindrance to us most of the time, unless we can get an accommodation or pat on the back. We can't seem to just "go" and do as the Lord commanded us to.

We do have hope though. We can seek Christ and look upon the cross when we feel our bratty inner kid start to show. We can call to memory the sacrifice of Christ, when He purchased us from our shackles of sin. We can yet again repent of our self-centeredness and return to God humbly and with a clean heart. We must be diligent and we must stay focused on Christ and do His work first, then if we have any spare time do a little "me" time. Chances are that "me" time will turn more into "His" time as our focus shifts and we no longer cherish that self serving, self centered time we like to take. God can do an amazing work in your heart and will direct your path and will give you your hearts desire, thing is - those desires will have changed and He will have given you the desire to be focused on His work rather than your "me" time.

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