Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 72: 9-11 Remembered

Today marked the 9th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. The most notable was the Twin Towers in New York City. Please also do not fail to remember the Pentagon attack and the failed attack of Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 lives were taken that day. All were someones son or daughter, all had a name, all had friends and families and all were taken for a false religion.

This year's remembrance was marked with controversy in itself and will be remembered for those controversies. The first is the planned mosque near Ground Zero and another was Pastor Terry Jones' threat to burn a stack of Qur'ans. The burning did not go through (yet), but the mosque is still going forward as far as I know.

Do the Muslims have a right to build a place of worship (albeit to a false god) only a short distance from Ground Zero? Yes, they have the right. Should they is the actual question. To the majority of the world, no they shouldn't out of respect for those lost 9 years ago due to the extremists of their religion. The Muslims think they should open there, under the guise of building relationships with other religions. I don't buy that at all. I believe this would elevate the Muslim worlds superiority complex even greater.

Are all Muslims terrorists? No, they aren't, but they all will follow those extremists if they are told to do so. They may not all strap explosives to themselves, but they will support the work of their "martyrs".

A lot of the world also tries to lump Christianity into terrorist acts. They always cite Hitler, the Catholic Crusades, the KKK and Timothy McVeigh. I will go on record saying that none of these at the time of their terrorism could have been Christians. Later they could have been converted (not saying any of them were, but everyone is filthy in their sins), but there is no way a true bible believing, Jesus following Christian would do these things.

We are all depraved creatures and are, ourselves, capable of the same types of horrible sins. As a matter of fact the one true Holy God sees all sins in the same light. Have you ever hated someone? That is murder to God. Have you ever loved the gifts of God more than the Giver of those gifts? That is idolatry, having other gods instead of the True God. So, see, you are just as much a sinner as Hitler, McVeigh or any other murderer there has ever been. We just like to elevate the "big" sins above our "little" sins, when in all actuality they all grieve God. So, what to do then? How can a murderer ever have hope of salvation? How can an idolater find forgiveness? In only One, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. When you believe in and upon Him, believe His Word, repent of those terrible sins against God, turn to Him, you will be forgiven. You will also be changed, become a new creation. God loves you so much that He will pluck you out of your sinful life and create a new heart in you that is repulsed by those terrible sins that you once loved.

I suggest that you turn your bible (or look one up on the internet if you do not have one) to the Gospel of John and begin there. Then flip over to Acts and see how God used those He called, even a murderer like Saul of Tarsus, whom God wrote most of the New Testament through. Then continue reading in Romans and flip over to 1 John, James, 1 & 2 Timothy and all of the other books of the bible. Go back into the Old Testament and see everyone pointing to the coming Savior. Read the Psalms and see how David struggled with sin, but always repented and turned to God.

There is so much in the bible to lead you. Actually everything you will ever need to know is found throughout those 66 books. Also use the plethora of resources available to us thanks to the internet. John MacArthur, John Piper, Paul Washer, Michael Durham all have great teachings and tools for free on the web. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. God gave us these men that have put many resources out there for us to help understand the Word.

Oh, and the picture was of a lady that was walking down the street today. I assumed it was to memorialize those fallen 9 years ago. What a fine gesture to remind those that all to soon forget what has happened to our country. It would be nice though if people would remember those that have given all to further God's kingdom. The true martyrs for God, that would not renounce their faith in Christ. A good place to start is the Voice of Martyrs webpage.

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