Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 70: Man I'm Confused Now

Today is day 70, if you couldn't tell by the title of this posting. If you could tell by my last 2 posts, which were not "picture of the day" posts, I have been keeping up with the goings on in Florida as the ball continues to bounce in favor of Pastor Terry Jones burning a couple hundred Qur'ans. It has been a busy day for me posting on here, so I used the banner of my blog as my picture of the day - it is a jpg so I am stretching it by calling it a picture, I know, but

Seems like Mr. Jones can not make his mind up and was fed some misinformation from the Imam in Jones' area seemed to make a few promises about the Ground Zero Mosque not being built in exchange for no Qur'ans being burned. The Imam neglected to be forthright with Pastor Jones, because he has had no contact with the New York Imam over the opening of the Cordova Center at Ground Zero.

So, is it on or is it off? I am fairly sure we will see this fringe group in Florida or the ultra-fringe Westboro church in Topeka Kansas has vowed to take over the festivities if Jones fails to follow through. You all remember Westboro, they are the way out in left field "church" that says "God hates fags" and protest military funerals under the guise that God is judging America through killing her soldiers because the U.S. allows homosexuals to serve in the military. This is not the group of people that I want associated with me or what true Christianity is.

Seems like the loonies are always the ones a religion is stereotyped by. I believe for the most part that most Muslims would never do anything terroristic in nature. But they all get lumped in with the extremists that commit all of the atrocities we hear about. This holds true for Christianity as well. The world sees Christianity as those that dance around with snakes drinking strictnine daring God to take their life. Now we have the uber-extreme folks that claim to be followers of Christ, but want to cause discord wherever they can. They love to draw attention to themselves and in turn really run God's true Church through the mud with them.

I am definitely not a Muslim sympathizer, but I do believe that their religion is as false as most of the professing "Christian" churches today, including Westboro and possibly Jones' Dove World Outreach Center which he pastors. I was initially on the fence with this man, but I am getting a foot on the ground on the side that says Jones is a wacko. Jones does seem to be having second thoughts and is looking for an answer on what to do or not to do. Pray that the God of Abraham and of David will enlighten him. If he is not a true Christian, pray that this is his Damascus Road experience that brings him into a true knowledge of God.

What it boils down to is that on the 9th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks that there will be Qur'ans burned. I honestly believe that we will feel repercussions from that day for a long time to come. I am content though that God is in control. This day was ordained before the Earth was spoken into existence and God is firmly in control and I am firmly leaning on Him and His Word for guidence even more.

The people of Dove World Outreach Center and also of Westboro need to be prayed for very greatly. We also need to be praying for our soldiers over seas, that they will be protected. Pray that the extremist Muslims that look for opportunities to kill and destroy are held at bay and that God puts a hedge of protection around His people.

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