Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 69: The Savings Place

Oh Wal Mart, you are the savings place. Well, you are the convenience place, that is for sure. My hometown of Paducah has 2 Supercenters, which was once unheard of. From different stories I have heard that our mall are Wal-Mart was once the top grossing Wal-Mart of the entire business. The second location is said the consistently be in the top 10 in sales as well. Is that true? I have no idea. It might be just rumors that circulate through a small-ish town, but I would welcome anything concrete if anyone knows the facts.

This does remind me that most people take almost anything they hear as fact. They do not discern that it could be false, they do not look into it, they just take it at face value and run with it. This often times happens at church buildings across the world. There is something that sounds like Christianity being proclaimed, same words, same characters, but something so very different. That difference is the man-centered message that has permeated our world.

THis message puts man at the center of salvation, instead of God. It boils down to a "decision" or someone doing something to gain salvation. A works based religion that has the same lingo of biblical Christianity, but is oh so different and oh so dangerous. I am not referring to Mormons or those fringe, radical poison drinking - snake dancing groups. I am talking about the majority of churches today. They preach a message that says that "accepting" Jesus will get you to heaven. That all you have to do is walk the aisle, say a prayer and BAM - you're in. Nothing else to do, you don't even have to go to church, but asking forgiveness is highly suggested because you might lose some of your rewards in heaven. There is no talk of holiness, repentance or living a life that glorifies God.

What a dangerous state this is. This is the apostate church that relies on its goodness and morality to work its way to heaven. The pews are filled with professing Christians that care nothing about being at a church, nothing about God, but yet really want to go to heaven. Why? Probably because the alternative is not very pleasant. They really do want to go to heaven, get all their rewards, talk to all of their past relatives and friends, eat whatever they want, not have any aches or pains, never be sick, never get old. But what is missing in their view of heaven and eternity? Well, the most important reason to go to heaven is God. AS a matter of fact He is the ONLY REASON to go to heaven. Eternity with the Creator. Countless hours at the feet of Jesus praising His Name and trying to discern how He chose to die for you. A far cry from the false converts view of heaven.

These false converts are in much need for prayer. I was one for 30 years, until God saved me from my sins, my sinful lifestyle and from Hell. But most of all He adopted me as His son, so I can be joint-heirs with Christ. I am a son of God and He is my Father. I pray that He sends His Spirit one more time to save many souls, false converts and all, for His glory.

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