Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 68: Time Is On My Side

This is a picture of my 10th Anniversary clock from my job. In just 4 short months I will be celebrating 15 years of service. The most notable thing for 15 years? Another week of vacation each year, which is going to be really nice. That will bring me to 4 weeks, which could allow me to take one week off every three months. Yes!

I started at Amtrol on the 3rd shift. If you do not know what 3rd shift is, it is better known as the graveyard shift, or midnights. I did that for 2 1/2 years before moving to day shift. I've steadily worked my way into a office position about 80% of the time, but I still work on the assembly line the other 20% of the time. Actually I look forward to the 20% that I do work on the line, since it allows me to listen to music and focus on God more than I normally can through the work day.

My job requires a lot of brain activity and before you insert a wise crack here, yes I have a brain and yes it is active. Maybe not as active as I would like, but active nonetheless. I still interact with the Lord throughout my day, praying a lot, or actually conversing a lot. But I do have to focus on things that takes me attention away from God. The line work is so monotonous that I can actually stay focused on God. I especially like to play my music loud, so I don't have to be distracted by the other workers music. This allows me my own personal one on one time with God that I am often too busy to take in this much of a capacity. So, I really welcome working on the line.

I do pray when on the production line that I will realize the opportunities God gives me to share about Him. He does give them throughout each day, but I am so much of the time not in a perceptive state of mind to recognize them. But, on the line I can really be attuned to what God is leading me to do or say. This is the time that I have to brag on God and to share the gospel with those I work with. I'd say that 90% of the people I work with profess to be Christians. Why? I have no idea because they do not bare the fruits of the Spirit at work, glorify God in any way and turn a deaf ear to anything pertaining to God. They sometime ignore me and what I say, but that's alright, I am spreading the seed or tilling the ground making it ready for the next conversation or the next brother or sister to sow seed or plow as well.

These men and women need God. Just as any other lost person does and just as nay saved person does. They need to realize their state before a righteous and Holy God and fall to their knees in repentance. I do get discouraged at times, but other times I am encouraged. But I must remember that it doesn't matter what or how I feel as long as I am being obedient to the Word. I do pray for these lost men and women, but not enough. I need to pray that God would really convict me of not doing so on a more regular and heartfelt way.

If you work outside of the home join me in prayer about your lost coworkers and bosses. They need God and they aren't beyond saving. Look at yourself. Did God save you? Then there is definitely hope for them as well.

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