Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 64: Ringing The Bell

Rob Bell? Like him? Like his teachings? Eh, not really here. Seeing how they are heretical teachings. But, Lifeway doesn't seem to mind so much. They stock many titles like Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis, but they are nice enough to include a little sliver of paper that lets you know that they have a little literature behind the counter if you want to read it about Bell, McClaren or any of the other heretics that are carried in their stores.

My question to Lifeway, and yes I have asked Lifeway and received a generic reply, is - "Why even carry such trash anyway"? But, I think I already know the answer - the almighty dollar. These books are really dangerous to believers and especially dangerous to the non-believer that thinks they are because these feed them a steady diet of works righteousness and false teachings. The lost gobble it up and ask for more and Lifeway is more than happy to oblige them ans make it available.

I think that the true believers in Christ that shop at Lifeway need to rally together and let the powers that be at Lifeway know that if they continue to stock the garbage they do, then a new store will be found. Now, talk about the almighty dollar being called out. If Lifeway thought they would lose their core customer demographic, they might have a change of mind on some of the stuff they carry.

I encourage you all to contact Lifeway's corporate offices to complain about these authors being carried at your local store. Demand that they be removed from the shelves and never put back on them. Tell them how dangerous it is to sell those products and stick by your convictions. Do not shop there until they take the things off of their for sale items. Use the backbone that God gave you, take a stand and unite to stop the corporate greed that seems to trump discernment.

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J.T. said...

It is interesting that Lifeway is loosely part of the Southern Baptist Convention, and there are many in the Convention who are rightly pointing out the heresies of Bell and McLaren. At least for the moment, the SBC does not "officially" approve of their teachings.

If they know that the things that these men teach are not in line with Biblical teachings, then why do they sell them? Do they not feel a need to protect those who shop in their stores? They wouldn't sell Playboy magazine with a tag, would they? Yet books by Bell are just as harmful.