Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 61: Not Wasting Time

Yesterday I posted about wasting time, today is the opposite, using time in a productive manner. I've spent a couple of hours this evening with my tutorial lessons on After Effects, making a project for Real Truth Matters. I am very new to Adobe After Effects and Photo Shop, so I try to use free online tutorials to teach me some basic things and tonight I somewhat impressed myself.

I will not post the project here, at least until I show it to the guys at RTM for their constructive criticism. I am not above others being critical about things I do, not that Joseph or JT would be mean or anything, but I do want to learn and be productive within RTM. So, this will be my first project for eyes other than mine and eyes that are experienced in Adobe's products.

Real Truth Matters went full time a few weeks ago, with two very talented guys doing web design, photography, video production and a lot more things that aren't coming to mind at this moment. I ask you to check out the Real Truth Matters website. There you will find links to the Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Blog and Facebook pages that are extensions of the ministry. Also there are the weekly sermons from Pastor Michael Durham in free downloadable MP3 files and streaming, Hi-Def video. Earlier messages are also available for free download and are categorized by topic, scripture and chronologically. The welcome page has a video that everyone needs to see which has the testimonies of some very dear brothers and sister that came from the same type of background I did. The Essential Resources page is also a very informative section that has some key messages from Pastor Durham.

I ask that you also "like" RTM on the Facebook page so that you can stay abreast of releases and postings. The Vimeo and Youtube channels are now being posted in Hi-Def, so that is an exciting advancement the Lord has granted the ministry. If you have itunes the sermons are also available on podcasts for ease of downloading straight into iTunes and onto your iPod or iPhone.

The Lord is really working within Real Truth Matters in individuals lives as well as corporately. Please add the ministry to your prayer list that the full time and volunteer staff will seek God in each and every project that He sends.

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