Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 60: Time Wasters

This is a screen capture of a game I play from time to time on my iPhone. It is called Froggy Jump and I am not good at it. Then again if I were good at it there would be no challenge and I would not play it anymore. It is really handy when standing in line at the grocery or just just to pass a couple of minutes while driving down the highway (not really).

So, this brings up the question - are these time wasters really that, time wasters and if so could those few minutes here and there be used for something more productive or edifying? I am getting convicted as I type this, because I see that instead of making a frog jump into outer-space I could be using that time to read a few verses on the same device that holds the frog game. I would say that this topic is like any other "gray area", that it is not necessarily what you are doing, it is the reason for it and how much you invest in it that would be the determining factor.

I wrote a blog post about gray areas a while back that I addressed certain things as to if they are addressed in scripture. I like to go back and read things I posted at the beginning of my blogging days to see if my thinking is still the same. It has been so far and remains the same on the gray areas. I think, as Paul said, all things are lawful - they just may not be helpful or edifying to me. (1 Cor. 6:12) I think the Froggy Jump game falls into that. It is not an evil thing, but if I invest more time in playing the game than doing other, more profitable things, then I have issues that need to be addressed. The same goes for television, computer time, working and the list goes on and on.

It is for the individual to seek God in these matters. What may be sinful to me, may not be to you. That is why we must seek God and ask Him to reveal things like this, so that we are mindful and will not waste time doing them that can be more profitable. Just one more way to seek God daily.

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