Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 59: Rain, Rain On My Face

What a beautiful sight it was today as the skies opened and relieved the parched ground. It has been a very dry summer this year, probably only 2 times has it rained and one of those times was only for about 2 minutes. So, today's downpour was very welcome in the area.

It has been a mixed blessing for me. On one hand I really am feeling sorry for the farmers whose crops are not doing very well. But, on the other hand I have only had to mow my yard a very few times this year. I am sure that will change this week as the grass flies upward in joy of getting some liquid refreshment.

What I don't get is people complaining about the weather. To me, this is a direct act of defiance to God. He directs the clouds, He tells them when to let loose and He tells them when to stay closed and He tells them which way to move across the sky. Believe me, God knows what He is doing. He has His reasons for withholding rain so much this year and I am glad that I do not know why that is. I am very happy that I can't explain God's motives or reasons for His actions. Well, to an extent I can explain them, because He is God and He brings glory to Himself. So, just because we do not know why it hasn't rained is no reason to think it is punishment or God wanting to see us squirm. I am completely confident God still has it under control to His glory.

Who knows, maybe He needed to reach a farmer and the only way that farmer would get so low would be to lose the majority of his crops. Maybe that farmer was prideful or relied on his money instead of relying on the Lord. Who knows? God has a way with bringing His elect to repentance and reliance on Him. I know that many people have been praying for rain, even a lot of lost people. But, like I said, who knows the ways of God? Not I.

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