Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 56: Child's Play or Tool of the Enemy?

Man, I really don't like Harry Potter. Never seen any of the movies, never read any of the books and couldn't tell you much about the story line. I have read articles in the past about how it glorifies witchcraft and other forms of the occult, so that is my main gripe with it. Not that it is a small thing to glorify what scripture says is from Satan and should be avoided.

My second gripe, but could actually be a 1a, is that it is targeted at children and is pulling them in by the millions. Parents seem oblivious to what this series stands for and focus, instead, on the characters doing "good magic", as if there is a "good" kind of sorcery from the devil. Now the video game in conjunction with Lego is out for consumption. Another piece in a puzzle of sin that is plaguing our youth.

I really wish parents would wake up to this mess, along with all of the other garbage they are not only allowing their kids to consume, but that they actually pay for. To top it off some of these parents call themselves Christians. My question to them, If God has given you a new heart, made you a new creation in Christ, washed you clean and you look to Him for everything, how can you give this junk to your children? Well, junk and garbage are probably too clean of terms to use, since these types of things are straight from the depths of hell. These are spiritual weapons that are destroying our youth and parents are buying their kids ways to hell with it.

Parents wake up! Stop this nonsense now. Get rid of anything having to do with spells, incantations, wizards, warlocks, vampires, werewolves or any other tool of the occult. Cleanse your house and make sure you let your kids know why.

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