Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 55: Blue Moon On Kentucky Keep On Shinin'

Okay, so it's not really a blue moon this evening, but it is shining very bright on Kentucky. Sorry the quality isn't very good on the picture, but I had to use the new iPhone to take the snapshot of it.

Isn't the moon amazing? What is the first thing you think of when you see it? The man in the moon? (I never seen the man in the moon before) How about the old fable of it being made out of cheese? The first steps on it by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 mission? The first thing I think about, especially on a very bright night like tonight, is the sun that it reflects the light from. I think it is amazing that the moon acts as a mirror and reflects that much light back to Earth. I probably have enough light outside tonight to read a book by. It is definitely casting a lot of shadows.

This is exactly as we should do in this dark world. We should be a reflector of the light of God and casting the attention to the Source of the light and not on our own self. One bright note (pun intended) is that the darker the surroundings the brighter a light will seem. Seeing the state of things these days a Christians light will shine very brightly.

Jesus tells a parable in Mark 4:21-23 of a candle. He says that why would you want to hide a candle under a bed? You wouldn't, you would want to set it atop a candle holder to light the room you are in. If you left the room you would take the candle with you, it would be your source of guidance and you would be dependent on the light to show your way. Just as Jesus is our Way we are to follow Him and reflect His light. We have no light source ourselves, but only through light being shed on us. You can even go back to the Old Testament ans see Moses had a lasting glow from being in the presence of God. People knew he was a follower of God, because he reflected God's light.

Can the same be said of you? Do you live in a dark world that is filled with things of this world? Does your taste in entertainment show that you are in darkness? Do your fellow workers at your job know nothing of the light you claim to have? Have they never seen the radiance from you as you reflect what God does for you on a daily basis. Does the room stay as dingy and dark when you walk into it? Then there is either one of two things going on here. You have either chosen to put your light under the bed and hide the light from others as well as yourself, or you do not have the Source of the light in the fist place. This might be a good time to examine yourself and see where you stand with the Lord 2 Corinthians 13:5.

If God is present in your life then there is practically no way to hide His light. Think about the sun. How hard is it to hide it's light at high noon? And it is 93 Million miles from us. If you know God then He is with you always, so how could the maker of the sun, who shines brighter than anything, be able to be hidden? That is something to ponder.

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