Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 54: Christian Owned Businesses

Here's something that you don't see very often any more. The local Pizza Inn has the 10 Commandments prominently displayed. They are also not ashamed to let everyone know that they are Christians. The ownership also plays Christian music on their speaker system for the customers. This is something unheard of in this day, when Christianity is being told that it can't promote it's teachings.

Today it is perfectly o.k. for a Muslim to proclaim their religious beliefs (however false, doesn't matter to the "law") but a Christian that does so is often told to be quiet, leave or even be arrested. The Christianity that built this country to afford everyone the right to practice their religious beliefs is being persecuted now. A sad state of affairs, indeed. But let a Muslim say something, want to proclaim about their god or hold prayer in their work environment and people can't seem to bend over backwards fast enough to accommodate them.

I am not against any religion from practicing their beliefs. A Muslim has just as much right to hold services as any other false religion, even those that proclaim Christ, but are truly not following the biblical form of Christianity. There are churches on almost every street here in Paducah that proclaim a false religion, so why shouldn't a Muslim be allowed to as well? That is a debate in a near by city, Mayfield KY, as a group of Somali immigrants have petitioned to open a Mosque in the downtown area. The city has said that parking and safety concerns have proven enough to deny the permit for the Mosque. Seems like Mayfield was the mini version of what is going on at Ground Zero in New York.

I don't want a Mosque opened up in that area, not because I don't want the Muslims to not have a Mosque. I think this is, to them, a blatant slap in the face to America to say "We own you, you will conform to us and we have proven we are going to take over". However civil most Muslims seem, there are the extremists that follow the letter of law from their holy books. What is peaceful now will try to turn into a Muslim based government, as if it's not that way now (but that's another story).

I guess it is just good to see Christians take a stand for Christianity. It is not too late and I believe the persecution will only get worse. But in that worse state the false converts will be flushed out and bend to the oppression. So, it could be a good thing as it will do away with a lot of blasphemy as false converts no longer profess Christ and invoke His Name. True believers- take a stand. Trust in God that He will sustain you and will be your source, as He promised. Keep in mind that He will be glorified through you as He uses you to proclaim His Word in truth and in righteousness.


JayMc 1963 said...

I too have seen such display, and am moved by their courage NOT to cower to political correctness. America, and the world at large, needs more such boldness, conviction, and sincerity.

JayMc 1963 said...

I too have seen similiar display, and was moved by their courage in an environment of hostility towards christians in our nation. This country, and the world at large, desperately needs more such display of conviction, sincerity, and faith in JESUS. Political correctness, and cowering to appease the nay sayers, will profit nothing for the salvation of lost souls.