Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 53: Mormonism? There's An App For That

This evening I was just browsing through the Apps available for my new phone. I've already downloaded several that I know will edify me and also be useful tools in my walk with the Lord.

I decided to do a search for Jesus in the App store. Look what the first app is listed. Of course, it is an app for the Mormons/ LDS false religion. I must say they are very crafty in their proliferation of media now days. Mormonism is a false religion that I have did a little homework on for the past couple of yeas or so. I have also had an ongoing "conversation" with a Mormon in my area that responded to a posting on a community classified site that I posted an ad for the Real Truth Matters conference a couple of years ago. You can find a blog post about that here.

That conversation has stayed going even after I asked him to stop emailing me. I was really trying to stay civil with him, because I know he is deceived. He believes a lit to be truth and I have told him that on several occasions. He did, however, become more "pushy" with his verbage a while back and was in open blasphemy against God, so I asked him to not contact me again. That lasted about a month and then the emails started again.

He has actually been more willing to answer questions this go round. It is really weird because in almost all of my responses I call him a follower of a false religion and tell him he is on the way to hell/ outer darkness. All I can come up with is he must either not be reading my replies, he doesn't care what I say or he's got someone else writing replies for him now.

THe most recent barrage included a few emails about their "saint" Glenn Beck, so I had to tell him what I thought of Beck and all of those that claim to be Christians that follow him. I have also written some about Beck on here and how dangerous it is/ was for professing Christians to take up for Beck and promote him. It is now paying off for Beck as he is about to have a meeting that will have some well known professing Christians there. All I have to say right now is, if someone goes to that meeting and thinks they are in alignment with Beck's god then you are lost and do not know the God of the Bible.

Enough of that. I didn't want to go into a rant as I often like to do. Just wanted to show how the Mormons are starting to show up everywhere. They are like cockroaches and their false religion needs to be exterminated. They even now put their book of Mormon in hotels alongside the Gideon Bibles. With Glenn Beck and Mott Romney perched to be heavy hitters in the next Presidential election, we may see a larger shift to a one world religion. I always thought it might be Islam, but I wouldn't doubt some kind of Mormonism/ Muslim hybrid with many professing Christians having their ears tickled and falling right into the pits of hell following its teaching.

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