Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 52: You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

I am very sorry, Missy accept my apologies. The picture quality here does not do this cake justice, by far. To all others that have not partaken of a cake made by Missy, you are missing out. Hands down the best cake available in the free world today.

This just happens to be the last piece of a "thank you" cake she made for Chandra Friday. Little did Missy know that I would probably be the biggest benefactor in the deal. Missy cake (as I have deemed her delectables) the closest cake that I have ever had to my favorite cake growing up here in Paducah.

Some reading this post may have heard of Blackhawk Bakery of Paducah. They are known for their dinner rolls, which are very good and are also shipped across the region, if not the U.S. However, they did make cakes, pies and other delicious cakes, along with the rolls in my youth. When their bakery started concentrating solely on dinner rolls the cakes went bye bye.

Missy cake just so happens to taste almost the same as the once delicious Blackhawk cakes. I say almost because my memory has lapsed quite a bit over the years, so Missy cake may actually be better than Blackhawk. It is, however, a reminder of my youth, days gone by, something from back in the day, a throwback to yesteryear, whatever clever little phrase you care to put in there. But it brings back memories with every delicious bite.

It is good to think of our past. For me, I think of what God allowed me to go through on the path to actually knowing Him on a personal level. I knew a lot about Him from the time I was young, but never actually knew Him. I can see how His hand directed my path, even when I was lost. I can see how He answered my prayers, even when I was lost. I can see His mercies granted to me, even when I was lost.

I was always taught growing up that God only hears one prayer of a sinner and that is the "sinner's prayer". Well, after having my eyes opened to the background of the sinner's prayer and learning that it is not biblical I started questioning everything that I was taught. If there is not a "sinner's prayer" how can God hear it? If God knew us before the foundation of the Earth, then He had to have been directing us along the way of our lives. Even before that, He had to have directed each of our ancestors, their paths to find their spouses that would in turn be used by God to create their offspring, which would in turn go all the way to my parents meeting and being used by God to create me.

So, yes, I believe that God is in total control. I believe that God heard my prayers as a child, as a rebellious teenager and as a sinful adult. I believe that God actually was guiding me back then, in my "lost" days, on the path He set before me that led directly to an encounter with Him and His Word. He had to lay things out according to His will so that I would know Him. For that I will be eternally thankful. I deserve(d) hell and He bestows on me the righteousness of Christ. Me. A wretched sinner is seen through Jesus Christ, as spotless before the Father. How? By simply believing what He has said, repenting of my sinful life and placing all hoe and trust in Him... for everything.

What a wonderful God He is.

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Missy said...

W00t! I am glad you enjoyed the cake. Your family is such a blessing to me and I'm especially thankful for Chandra and her kind heart.