Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 51: That's What Friends Are For

Had a great time at Bobby and Tina's house tonight. Had a couple hours of fellowship enjoying the conversation and bragging on how God is active in everyone's lives at the moment. We followed that up with a short but productive evangelism meeting for Oak Grove as wee seek the Lord on how to pursue the goal of creating disciples.

Bobby, J.T., Joseph and I (and our respected spouses) have been given the leadership of the church, as far as steering the vessel of evangelism on the corporate level. God has been gracious and given us some really marvelous tools and ways to deploy in our fair city to go and seek those that He has called. We are going to broadcast the seed of His Word and pray for the harvest. He has promised to not let His Word return void. This, of course, does not take the place of personal evangelism, but is a way for the body of Oak Grove to actively participate, together, for the common goal of increasing God's flock. Attendance to our church is not the primary goal, but will be a welcomed side note to our labors. We are more interested in making disciples to go into their own neighborhoods and increase the fold even greater.

There is labor involved in this, but God has been good. He has given us a church home that loves God very much and in turn loves others. We pray that He will use us to make an impact in our community, then maybe take our experiences to other church bodies and towns to help them, too, reach the lost. We must preach the Word in season and out of season, just as long as we are casting the seed wide, He will give the increase and will be glorified. Please join us, the body of Oak Grove Baptist church, in prayer as we embark on this missionary endeavor into our own area. I say missionary, because we have countless thousands here that have never heard the True Word of God.

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