Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 49: An Apple A Day

Well, today I made the return to the iPhone. It's been about 10 months since we switched to Sprint and I gave up my iPhone 3GS for a Palm Pre. I honestly have to say that Apple makes a good product. The iPhone is what all others "try" to be, be it a Droid or the Pre, they all try to attain the mark that Apple set. Not only did I get an iPhone, but Chandra did as well, which suprised me because she has grown quite fond of Blackberry.

From what I can tell the iPhone 4 is still really similar to the 3G and the 3GS that I had, not much difference as far as screen appearance. The biggest difference noticeable is the outside. It has sharper edges, but still a very cool looking phone communication device. One neat feature is the video call that can be made. Chandra and I had to check this out while sitting about 3 feet apart in the living room. It was impressive, but will be even more impressive when we are in other places.

God has been really good to allow us to have good incomes so we can have nice things. He is our supplier and I like to think that even if we were not as blessed as we are, that we would continue to praise His Name just the same. I thank God daily for His provisions, my job, my vehicle, my family, my friends, the country I live in and a whole lot of other things as He brings them to mind. We must praise Him regardless of His blessings or curses. We have to have a Job mentality and not let circumstances get us down. God has sustained me and my emotions through a lot of things that I would have fallen apart from. Without His shoulder to lean on and His Word to guide I have been able to stand firmly on His promises. I have seen bad times and praised Him, I have seen good times and praised Him. I pray that I continue to praise Him and His gifts and not focus on the gifts more than Him.

God is my supply, my strength, but most of all my Father. He just happens to like it when I glory in Him, just as any of us fallen dads do, but much more since He is holy and we are evil. What a mighty and worthy God we serve.

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