Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 46: Ouch! Now That's Gonna Hurt

I took Allan to get his shots today. He did quite well, I think. Either that or he is a very good actor and we'll need to get him a part in the next play at the Market House.

The one in the left arm did get a small wince. But, he was forewarned by the nurse that the shot itself wouldn't hurt but the medicine was going to sting a bit. After it was all done, he said he felt fine. I'll take him at his word, but I will also be sure to poke him in each arm for the next few days in case he might want to reconsider.

Pain is a sign of discomfort. That's why when you dig too deep in a persons sin life they get agitated. They get a sharp pain because they are feeling some discomfort. I believe pain is a good thing (not saying I like to inflict pain nor receive it, work with me here). If you did not feel pain you would not know that the burner on the stove that you just placed your hand on was going to cause some serious damage if you left it there. Pain is a reflex of your body to move you away from danger or to show you that something is wrong, drastically wrong.

Using that same thought process, the next time you are conversing with a friend or family member and you open a wound of sin, just know that their reaction is not necessarily because of what you said, but because of the feeling they just had. They were caused a bit of pain or discomfort, but it is a good thing. Just as you screaming ouch does not mean you are mad at the stovetop, being disgruntled doesn't really mean that they are agitated at you, but instead at the exposure of a wound.

Wounds heal over time, but most leave scars. One thing about those scars is you can look back and say, "that one on my leg was from when I was playing baseball when I was 8 years old..." You remember the process that caused the scar, that caused the pain and you use it as a reminder to not do that certain thing again, if possible. You may even use the story as a catalyst to share about something in particular, then about the healing process.

Never let pain rule you, allow it to be yet another tool to see that all things work to good to those that are called, that God uses everything in our lives to bring us to a better understanding of who He is. Use it to seek after God whether it is physical or mental pain, it can be used to glorify the Lord.

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