Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 45: That Ain't Proper

This was a sight to behold. Tonight in our "Respectable Sins" study (No sins are respectable, just overlook the "small ones") Matt used Shane in an illustration. Yes, he has on a girls zipper hoodie. Yes, he has on a bright red wig. Yes, he has on some big ol' sunglasses. But, alas, no, he would not put on the lipstick.

Shane was representing a man that was trying to be a "superior" woman. The illustration was hypothetical, saying that "what if" the young lady pictured (name withheld) had the XG chromosome which made her superior and Shane just had the XY chromosome. but wanted to be like the young lady. He could dress up like her and may give an outward appearance of someone with the XG, but past the superficial it would be very evident. This was likened to someone that just tried to give the appearance of being a Christian, but had not truly been converted. The only way to get the XG chromosome would be for God to create or recreate you with it, signifying the rebirth.

We also discussed different pride issues that some Christians have. One that rang true to me was the pride of having correct doctrine. I think I could be perceived with this issue, but I am not on the prideful mindset, I just want others to know what the truth is. Not that I want to rub it in their face, but I had a false understanding fed to me since childhood and when God opened my eyes I felt the desire and need to share with others who are deceived. Not prideful, but often taken not in the way I try to convey. Which does open an issue I have of showing love and compassion to others properly. That is what I lack. Not that I need to bring down the area of truth conveyance, but to bring up, to an equal level, my lack of compassionate conveyance of truth. Just one more way to seek the Lord for His grace. I am always thankful for any reason to seek God, not that I do not have enough reasons anyway.

Also stopped at Wal Mart tonight. Saw this stack of Pepsi cartons with "Do Good" on the sides. My question: What does Pepsi mean by this? Are they saying they know what good is? Are they pointing to what good is? Is their goodness relative to society? Or relative to God? I would speculate that by good, they mean kindness, giving, loving, etc. But that's just a hunch. If someone know what they mean please let me know.

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Camillia said...

just a thought, but I think they mean do good by buying diet coke instead of diet pepsi....thats my interpretation of it anyway....