Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 43: Watch Out Bus-ter

No, that's not a school bus. It may appear like it is to you, but to me it looks like a roadblock. That is exactly what it is for me in the mornings. Seems like someone decided that this bus would be picking up students at the same time I am on my way to work. I would say 3 out of 5 days a week we have a problem. Well, they don't have a problem, I do.

This bus backs into a long driveway and waits for me to round the corner, so it can be pulled into my path. Well, maybe not actually wait for me, but some mornings I feel like it does. If my timing is off by any amount on work days, this bus will be in my line of driving.

Frustration is about the only word I can think of to describe the feeling I get as I sit through the first stop, only to be followed by the bus moving about 5 feet and stopping again. Then there is one more stop before the bus goes about another 1/4 mile and turns down a side road. On a side not, what's up with buses stopping at kids driveways these days? When I was riding a bus to school I had to walk about 1/3 mile to get to my bus stop. Not uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow kind of walking, but it makes me wonder why a bus driver is practically a limo driver now.

Any way, being behind this bus day after day was starting to get to me, until I saw that it was setting my mindset off in the mornings. I do not listen to the radio or anything in the mornings, just a little extra alone time with the Lord as I go to work. I realized that I was getting my mind off of the Lord and onto a frustration that was taking my attention away. How easy we are distracted.

I started looking at it a little different. While the situation hasn't changed, my outlook did. I see it as a little more time with God now and a chance to pray for these young kids on their way to school. I wonder if their parents pray for them, if they attend a church, if they have ever heard about Christ. This extra time also allows me to focus more about praying for others that I sadly forget to pray for on a regular basis.

So, to sum it up, God changed my attitude about this bus. He showed me that He was putting this bus in my path in the mornings because these kids might need me to pray for them. Maybe I need to pray that somehow I will be able to invite them to church some time, have a talk with their parents and see if they know anything about the Lord, share my testimony. Who knows what God has in store? I had no idea that He would use a school bus to show me that I need to seek Him more and to also realize that when I follow He will direct my path - and that most definitely means putting a school bus on the same route.

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