Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 42: A Picture Painted Just For Me

What a beautiful painting the Lord gave to me this morning on the way to work. The sun was peaking from behind a cloud, its rays beaming towards the Earth. Was I the only one that saw this sight this morning? I was the only one that saw this particular sight, that is for sure. God gave me this look into His beauty.

Seeing the glory and beauty of His work only is a glimpse into Him. He gives us these small glimpses as we stand in amazement. The heavens declare His glory (psalm 19:1) and we should too. We are His workmanship created to glorify Him. But, yet, we are the only of His creation that opposes Him. The flowers do what they are supposed to do, the water runs the path He set forth, the birds fly to and fro to where He has said, but we – the only part of His creation that can actually appreciate and begin to comprehend Him deny Him and turn to ourselves. We would rather worship our own lusts than to follow the path He has for us. We would rather wallow in the mire than rest in His bosom.
We are fallen. We are needy. We are wretched. We need a Savior. Repent or perish were Jesus’ Words in Luke 13:3,5 – the only way to receive His free gift of grace. Nothing we can do, nothing we can offer to Him is good enough. Only One, the Spotless Lamb, Jesus Christ. Have you trusted in Him fully? Have you given Him yourself and trusted that He will supply and He will forgive and He will direct your path?

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