Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 41: BP Or Not BP, That Is The Question

You may not like BP gas stations anymore because of the oil spill/ leak in the Gulf, but I still like them and use them for all my gas purchases. One thing I like is they put tract holders at all of their gas stations. Some of you may think they are credit card offer holders, but take a closer look next time - they are ideally designed and situated to hold almost any gospel tract you may have.

I started handing out gospel tracts around the same time Way of the Master caught my attention. This, also, was the same time-frame that God used WOTM, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, John MacArthur and Paul Washer to open my eyes to a lot of false teachings that I was deceived by. He also saved me in the same time frame. So, gospel tract passing out was a step at sharing my testimony with others.

I have a natural disposition to be a quiet person (verbally, not in my writing), so handing out tracts and leaving them in strategic places is/ was right up my alley. So, my tract of choice is the Million Dollar bills. I like all the ones that Way of the Master have had out, but my absolute favorite are some that I got from Diane Lytle. I used the funds from a sell of some of the worldly CDs I once listened to to purchase several hundred of the Million Dollar Bills she has. These, to me, are by far the most realistic of all I have seen.

The MDB tracts catch people eyes and their greed. You will even be able to give out extras to lost people who will then give them to their lost friends. How great is that? God using the lost to proclaim to others that are lost the Gospel of Christ. I gave one to the copy machine technician that services out copy machines at work about 4 years ago and he mentions it and has even pulled it out of his wallet to show me that he still has it. I did, however, give him a new one recently since the other had seen better days.

I would urge anyone that reads this blog to get you some tracts and carry them with you wherever you go. There is a ministry called Bezeugen Tract Club that will actually send you a months supply of tracts at a time. The only catch, you must agree to give at least one out per day through the month. I have just signed up myself and I am awaiting the first delivery. Below is a list of other sources to purchase tracts. Please do so and take any opportunity that may arise to tell of the grace of the Lord that He has poured out on you. If you don't know what to say - GOOD - that means you will rely on God to speak through you and not depend on your own words or scripts.

Tract Sources
Way of the Master/ Living Waters
Bezeugen Tract Club
One Million Tracts
Custom Tract Source

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