Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 40: The Crazy Webs We Weave

I have no idea what is in this picture. All I know is that it is some kind of insect nest made on the leaves and branches of a tree in my yard. There is an outer casing of web material and inside little black balls things, possibly eggs. I'm not really sure, but whatever is inside of these large web houses is really destructive to the leaves that they encase.

You may not be able to make it out by the picture, but each leaf has been stripped of its green part, leaving the veins only. Really destructive to the leaves of the tree, but leaving (no pun intended) the tree still alive. The other leaves and branches are growing like normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

What is happening to this tree reminded me of the effects of sin in our lives. Sin that is allowed to grow and take damaging hold in our life will cause death and destruction. The area that is prominent in the sin will usually go by noticed by others, even though a protective "web" is built around the sin, but it doesn't really conceal, but actually brings attention to that particular stronghold of sin. Other parts of your life may go on unaffected, or seem to be unaffected. The damaged leaves, stripped clean with sin are still attached to the same tree trunk. What affects one leaf does cause another area to respond.

Like sin, if I would have been aware when these insects invaded the tree in my yard I could have taken action to prevent the loss of these leaves. But over time, the culprits took a stronghold and devoured all that they came into contact with. Granted this tree is not a valuable asset to me, but its example should be noted. If it was a prized rose bush or a apple tree I definitely would have been diligent in protecting it from harm. Just as we need to safeguard our minds and fend off any possible sin we see in its infant stages. Allowed to grow and it will be a destructive force that will cause destruction in ones life.

Funny how a "useless" tree in the yard can cause inspiration for a blog post, huh? Looks like I will now have to do a little research to see exactly what is eating away at the leaves.

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