Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 39: Slow 'er Down Mister

The picture is of a guy (or gal) that went speeding by me on John Puryear Drive on my way home today. Right before this truck was another truck that decided that I was going too slow too. What they may have failed to notice was that I was doing the speed limit and they were exceeding it by enough to make it look like I was sitting still when they went by.

Were these drivers Christians? I have no idea or if they even claim to be. If not, then they are doing what they do, sin. Sinners sin, end of story. But, if they profess Christ, then they are sinning against God with their speed infraction.

If you look at Romans 13:1-7, you will see that Christians are to be in compliance with the “powers” that God has ordained. This is whether you like or not what the powers of authority do or say. God has ordained these powers to fulfill His purpose, which He may never make known to you, me or anyone else. This is exactly the case with the current Presidential Administration. I do not like what they are doing one bit, but to be in the graces of the Lord I must be in subjection to their leadership, and I use the term loosely. However, subjection doesn’t mean I have to agree with or condone what they dictate, but it does mean I must comply, fully. Do I like it? No. Do I agree? No.
Back to the speeding thing. I wrote a blog back in the first year of my blogging titled “Speeding Towards Eternity”. Of course this incident reminded me of it and I had to go back and re-read what I had written. Believe it or not I still think the same things I did 2 years ago. Also, after reading again what I had wrote I drew a parallel to something that happened at work today. A conversation with a co-worker that I converse with from time to time about his need for God and his refusal to acknowledge that he is lost. He is a very stubborn individual, probably one of the most sin ridden and deceived people I know. After taking him through some of the law I had to give him an analogy of a courtroom setting and I was trying to convey to him how Holy God is and how a human judge must exact punishment for crimes and God in His holiness must exact punishment for sins. His whole shtick was that “everybody sins, even you. You’re not a good person either, etc.” So I then had to explain to him he wouldn’t be standing before God on judgment day with everyone else to blame his sins on, just him and God. I told him that his comparison would be against Jesus, not me or anyone else…. Frustration with the deception this man is under. Please pray for him.

Also, keep in mind that God has ordained the powers that be, for His purposes. Please think of that next time you’re breaking the speed limit or doing anything else outside of the man designated laws. This goes for your job and for your school work too, not just speed limits.

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