Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 38: Changing Neighborhoods

Today I spent the time between and after evening church services transferring about 100GB of "stuff" from my old computer to an external hard drive. This is so that when I get the new computer set up I can then put all my files on to it. I knew that I would be like a little kid and probably never transfer the files if I first hooked the new computer up, before transferring the files. It has been very uncharacteristic of me to not rip open the box and dive right in to seeing what the new computer can do. This is the "changing neighborhoods" the title refers to.

We purchased the computer in Clarksville yesterday, taking advantage of the tax-free holiday Tennessee so graciously bestows at back to school time. This saved a chunk of change for us, plus will be interest free for 18 months. Not too shabby a deal and it was just enough to push me over the edge into getting a new computer.

I've been praying for a new computer for a while. One that will be adequate to use from time to time with Real Truth Matters, as I am able and as the Lord leads. Joseph and JT, the two full time guys with RTM, have their hands full and although I do not know a lot I am a quick study. I do have a desire to produce kinetic typography, which means animated words, basically. Below is an example of what I am referring to. I really like how this medium looks and can add to what is being spoken. The typography, itself, can tell a story, which I think is really neat.

Of course, the new computer will be used for other things as well. It is a powerhouse from Gateway and even the "Mac guy" at Best Buy said he was jealous and that it was better than any Mac they carried. "That they carried" being the key part of that thought. I wouldn't want any of my Mac loving friends think I am trying to say a PC is superior, in any way except affordability. Also, after being a PC guy for nearing 20 years, it might be hard for me to make the switch to a Mac, not that I wouldn't if I had one affordably at my disposal. And at least for one more day, the new PC will remain in its box.

I just want this new computer to be used with a focus on glorifying the Lord. Whether it is designing a cool new graphic effect in After Effects or posting to my Facebook wall, to writing a blog post, I want to keep God as the focus. This will also be my last post written from the keyboard of my trusty ol' HP. It's not goodbye though, it is just off to another room in the house, probably to play video games on, do homework with and surf the web.

All in all, God gave a way to glorify Himself. He has given us the means to purchase the new computer, He has supplied.

Here is an example of "Kinetic Typography". Many other examples available on youtube

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