Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 36: Blast From My Past

These three boxes, along with 3 CD cases, hold about 400 CDs from my years gone by. When the Lord truly saved me these CDs were the first thing that He pruned from me. They have been used as a table next to my desk ever since. Right now holding up various USB cables for my phone, ipod and camera's card reader.

The CDs were purchased beginning in the late 80s, when CDs first began being produced. Within one of these boxes or cases is the very first CD I ever purchased, The Fine Young Cannibals: The Raw and the Cooked. Yeah, that's right, I liked "She Drives Me Crazy" back in the day. But the rest of this eclectic mix of CDs reads like a who's who of musicians across every genre of musical styles. There is Brooks and Dunn and Vince Gill from the country phase way to NWA and Emenem from my rap choices. There is also everything in between, but mostly on the "hard rock" or "heavy metal" end of the gamut. Probably some of the most God hating music you could have ever heard. There's 3 or 4 from Marilyn Manson, the "musician" that defiles God's Word on stage and is a priest in the Satanic Church, Metallica, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Danzig - all of which have a very vocal hatred for anything pertaining to the God of the Bible.

Music has always been a part of my life, even though I have never learned to play an instrument or sing, I have always loved music. Well, I did play the saxophone in school band 6th-8th grade, but that doesn't really count. But, the soundtrack of my life is very diverse, at least before God saved me, from hell and from the sinfulness that loved ungodly music.

See, I was introduced to the heavier side of music at church camp, of all places. A new found friend was listening to someone named Ozzy Osborne, that really caught my ear. I had been used to, up to that point, just the pop stuff on the radio and fluffy country that my parents listened to. But this Ozzy fellow had something the other guys didn't. What exactly? I wasn't sure, but I was about to find out.

From that church camp my musical tastes, as well as most lifestyle tastes, changed. began to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, smoke pot, cuss, stay out late, steal cigarettes and many other sins I care not to mention right now. Oh, one small fact that I forgot to mention, I had "said the prayer" when I was 8, was told I was "in" and felt like I was free to do as I pleased as long as I asked God to forgive me. And that I did, every night - except the ones I passed out drunk on. I can honestly remember praying some very twisted prayers to be empowered to sin in various ways. I also remember once, while listening to Jimi Hendrix ask God to send Jimi's spirit into me so I could be a great guitar player. Now, that is twisted, and not something any truly converted person would be asking for.

So, the years go by, 24 to be exact, and God really starts dealing with me. In the past 24 years I had fathered 2 children out of wedlock, smoked a pack a day, did various drugs, drank a lot of alcohol and once again, committed many other sins that I care not to mention right now. God used some key people to reach me around that time, Ray Comfort, John MacArthur and a fellow that was from across the river to my hometown at one time, Paul Washer. This is the time that God saved me, converted me and began to sanctify me. First thing to go? Smoking. Second thing to go? The ungodly music I was listening to. Since then? Many things along the path, but not everything yet. But, praise His Name, He is still working on me to conform me to the image of Christ.

So now I have a very healthy Christian CD collection going. But, once again, God has been pruning even some of those artists from my playlist. I am working on a blog that will be informative and eye opening to a lot of people that are deceived about some of those that profess to be Christians, but have music that is the same as anything you would hear on the radio today. So stay tuned to this same blog channel, at this same blog time (not really same time, but Batman references will never get old)for the upcoming post.

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