Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 33: Is It Hot Enough For You?

So, the question of the day today: "Is it hot enough for you?" Of course it's hot enough, it's too hot, but that's O.K. Today matched the official record here in Paducah, 104 degrees, but my trusty ol' Nissan thermometer was showing 107. This culminates about 8 weeks+ of above average temperatures in our area. It started back at the end of May with temperatures then, already in the 90s. The "heat index", they say, was around 115 today.

That always confuses me, in the summer you have a "heat index", in the winter you have a "wind chill". Both of which are what the factors combined usually feel like, be it humidity mixed with heat or wind mixed with cold. Why not just call it what it is? If it feels like 115, then it's 115. If it's 104 and humid, then it's 104. Same in the winter, if it's 20 and the wind makes it feel like 15, then which is it? 15" Or 20? You can't really have both, can you?

Sounds a lot like some people I know personally these days. They say " I am saved, but I just don't live like it" or "I love God, but I don't like church, reading the bible or any of those hypocrites". Really? Really! A lot of double speak comes from professing Christians mouths. On one hand they want you to think they were saved when they were a kid, took care of it all, got their ticket, whatever other euphemism they want to use, but yet they live like the world, talk like the world, care nothing for the things of God, haven't stepped foot in a church in 10 years and yet they say they are saved?

What are they saved from? It is sure not hell and it is sure not a life of sin and it's definitely not saved from blasphemy as they invoke the Name of Christ and say they are Christians. Before you go all postal on me and tell me to stop judging, please read this post I wrote a little while back. I am simply using the senses that God gave me to discern that these people are deceived.

Scripture is clear that a true follower of Christ will, well, follow Christ. They will leave it all and pick up their cross and place total trust in God. These folks are on their way to hell and someone agreeing that they are a Christian or not telling them the truth of their spiritual state has a part in their damnation. The most loving thing someone can do is tell them the truth, not allow them to continue to live like they do, act like they do, deny God in word and deed, but yet claim to be a Christian. It would be sin for a true believer to not tell them the truth. Most importantly because their false profession and use of the term Christian is blasphemous.

Know someone in this state of being? Confront them, in a loving manner and tell them the truth. It is the most loving thing you can do. Will they get mad? Possibly. Will they believe you? Possibly. Will you have been faithful to what a Christian is called to do? Yes. And that is what you should be most concerned with. Then possibly they will truly repent and turn to Christ, or the 104 degree (115 heat index) will be like the Antarctica compared to what their eternity holds.

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