Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 32: I Don't Like Cats

Here is a picture of our other cat, Tux. Well, it's not really "our" cat, as I do not like cats, it is my wife's and oldest son. It mysteriously showed up one evening and hasn't been able to escape yet. I keep encouraging it to make a run for it, but alas, it is a feeble little critter that is afraid of its own shadow. It will look at the door, but it will not get much closer than that.

I'm not really a cat person, or pet person for that matter. I grew up with my mom always having dogs, so I was determined to NOT have any pets for myself. She had the same bloodline of dogs from the time I was about 5 until just around 3 years ago when the 2 sister dogs that she deemed "Winston and Salem" passed away at the ripe age of about 20, 140 to you and me.

So now I have a dog and two cats sponging off of me. Over the past 8 years we have had a grand total of 3 lizards, 1 dog, 2 cats and 3 or 4 parakeets living under our roof. All of which I could have done without. The dog took a fancy to me right off and won't leave my side now, so I guess he's alright to stay, but the cats can leave my presence without a complaint at all from me. I have a touch of an allergy to cats, so I can't touch them, play with them or toss them across the room (just kidding). I would never harm an animal on purpose, so don't call PETA on me or anything.

I have compassion for all animals, even the stinking skunks that inhabit this part of the world. I would probably defend a defenseless animal if I saw it being mistreated, but that does not mean I want it in my home. I have a fairly compassionate side, no matter what my wife says. I am currently praying to be more compassionate about others. I think I have the discernment gift down pretty good, but need to seek the Lord for more love for others. And not that I need to bring down the discernment, but I need to have my love for others boosted to the same level. I will not compromise the truth of God's Word for anyone, but I need God to add the love to equal my passion for truth. It is unhealthy for me to hold one area above the other or one area below another. It is an easy trap to get so focused on one thing and in turn neglect something else that is needed just as much.

This is just one area that I thank God for, as I seek Him to guide me to understand what love truly is.

(As you can tell, on this, the beginning of my 2nd month of the "Year In My Life Through Pictures" series, I have shortened the title, so I can give a header to what the post is about. I have not written but a couple of actual posts outside of this series and feel I need to start doing so again. I am currently in the process of getting together another music post. I am researching and getting material together for this post and if God allows me to write it in the fashion I am picturing, it will be very beneficial to others that may come across it. Thank you to all those that visit my blog on any regular basis. I really appreciate the interest you may have in what I have to say.)

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