Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 6

Really? Really?
This is the drive-thru of a McDonalds here in Paducah. We went through before church this evening to get something quick to eat so we would be on time for service. That’s when we caught glimpse of this rather remarkable offer - Braille menus for people driving a car? That’s not even right.

So many questions come up about this. First is, how are they going to read the sign to know that McDonalds offers Braille menus anyway? But the biggest question, How did they arrive at a McDonalds drive-thru anyway? I suppose that their logic would be that a passenger might need a Braille menu, and after thinking about it would make the most sense.

But then the other question arises about the picture menu. Should someone be driving a vehicle that could not read? What about the street signs they might encounter. I think that’s more important than if they want a Big Mac or a Double Cheese Burger. After thinking about that one too, it could be possible that the person could not speak or read English. But that, too, would render them unable to read a caution sign.

Spiritual implications for this? I don’t really have any, except being thankful that God showers us with blessing daily. That we have the ability to drive in a car, without police intervention, on the way to church, without the threat of persecution, to a restaurant that will serve a hot (sometimes) meal quickly (sometimes again), for a few dollars, that God supplied through a job which was not eliminated during the financial meltdown, then drive to church inside a vehicle that is 30 degrees cooler on the inside than it is outside, arrive at church, meet with brothers and sisters and talk about a mighty God that loves us enough to bestow His blessings to us, measly men and women on a tiny planet, in a tiny galaxy, in a vast universe created by an Awesome God. Now that, is amazing.

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